DMW Direct Uses DialogTech’s Call Analytics Software to Drive Enrollments for Leading Health Plan Provider


DMW Direct was asked by their client to refocus their online campaigns to generate more phone leads. One key challenge was the online attribution data was missing a critical element: inbound calls. The agency needed a way to attribute the inbound calls to the proper online marketing activities.

DMW Direct Uses DialogTech to Fill a Critical Gap in Their ROI Reporting

DialogTech provided DMW Direct with vital call data which helped prove the full impact of each marketing channel, including direct mail, TV, and digital channels like Google, Bing, and Facebook. Before DialogTech, the agency had no way to show which marketing campaign was driving enrollments from phone leads. Now, DMW Direct is able to not only know which marketing channel every caller came from, but they also have deep insight into the caller’s location, the duration of the call, their activity on the clients’ website, and the PC or mobile device they used to engage with the marketing.

Using DialogTech, DMW Direct is able to understand how each channel drives calls to their client, so they can optimize campaigns and spend for what’s really working. For example, they now know that:

  • Direct mail drives 53% of calls, digital marketing drives 26%, and TV drives 21%
  • 65% of calls from digital marketing are driven from Google and Bing paid search
  • 31% of those paid search calls come directly from call extensions
  • 5% of calls from digital marketing come from Facebook, YouTube pre-roll, and Google Display Network

DialogTech has been invaluable to DMW Direct in measuring every call generated for its client. The insights have been key to optimizing campaigns across channels.

DMW Direct Marries Online and Offline Traffic with DialogTech’s Google Analytics Integration

To analyze their online site traffic and offline phone lead data side-by-side, DMW Direct integrates DialogTech’s call analytics within Google Analytics. The ability to see a snapshot of all lead data, all in one place is invaluable. Understanding how the caller interacted with a client’s website gives the agency deeper insight into behavior patterns and helps to improve marketing strategy.

“DialogTech has really gone above and beyond to support our efforts,” said Greg Marta from DMW Direct. “With fast implementation and a support team that provides exceptional customer service, we are incredibly happy in our experience with DialogTech.”

  • DMW Direct is an award-winning direct response agency with over 30 years of experience in marketing for health insurance providers.
  • One of their clients, a top-rated health plan provider, relies on the agency to drive leads and enrollments during the annual election period (AEP).
  • Inbound callers enroll at a far greater rate than leads that fill out forms on their client’s website.
  • It was important to know where leads were being generated in order to optimize the media mix.
  • DMW Direct uses DialogTech’s call analytics and automation platform to track and measure the calls they generate from every marketing channel – search, social, display, and offline – proving the full impact of their marketing to their client.


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