Club Corp Uses Call Tracking to Drive Greater Visibility Into Phone Leads


Following an aggressive site redesign, ClubCorp recognized the need to measure the volume and nature of calls that were being driven from its website to individual club locations. Since the ClubCorp business model hinges on multiple revenue streams including memberships, weddings, and events, the company wanted to understand the volume of calls being directed to specific departments at each club location.

Business Solution

ClubCorp turned to DialogTech’s call tracking solution to create greater visibility between their website and inbound calls, assigning 750+ unique, local numbers to the various clubs and revenue centers on the company site. In addition to assigning a tracking number for each club’s main contact number, unique numbers were generated for each club’s private event director, membership director and other key stakeholders. To increase the value of the information captured by the call tracking solution, DialogTech provided custom reporting tools that were carefully matched to ClubCorp’s business needs and process requirements.


DialogTech’s call tracking solution has significantly improved ClubCorp’s ability to monitor the calls that are routed to specific clubs and departments by its online marketing investments.

Before implementing DialogTech’s call tracking solution, Club Corp had no way of measuring how many incoming calls were generated from Now, it can track all incoming calls from the main lines, private event directors and membership directors. By improving their visibility to calls and conversions, ClubCorp has become better able to optimize online spend and to direct resources to the organization’s most heavily trafficked business units.

Call tracking continues to play an important role in ClubCorp’s online marketing program, serving up granular information about the interactions between the brand’s online assets and inbound call volumes.

ClubCorp is recognized as a world leader in private clubs. The ClubCorp brand owns or operates more than 150 golf courses, country clubs, private business and sports clubs, and resorts including: Firestone Country Club (Akron), Mission Hills Country Club (Rancho Mirage), Capital Club (Beijing) and Metropolitan Club (Chicago). From a customer perspective, ClubCorp’s focus is on creating exceptional experiences by fostering lasting bonds between members and clubs.

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