DialogTech Helps Blue Fountain Media Optimize Clients’ Online Campaigns

“If you have a client whose business thrives off of phone leads, it’s essential to have this information available to you,” explained Dan Morosi, Senior Marketing Specialist for Blue Fountain Media. “It allows you to optimize for calls the same way you would optimize for online conversions – and you can make serious advances for their business by doing so.”

DialogTech’s Call Tracking Helps Blue Fountain Media Decrease Cost per Conversion by 43% and Increase Call Volume by 58% for Self-Storage Client

When analyzing customer behavior for their self-storage client, Blue Fountain Media found that customers were more than twice as likely to call to purchase a storage space than take action online. In order to understand which specific campaigns were driving these calls, and in turn optimize for those campaigns, they turned to DialogTech’s call tracking technology.

Once Blue Fountain Media had systems in place to track all inbound calls for their client, they found that 76% of all website calls were coming from paid search. Taking this information, they began to optimize their client’s search campaigns and experienced tremendous results after only four months. They were able to decrease cost per conversion by 43% and increase paid search call volume by 58% – all with using the same budget level.

DialogTech’s Keyword-Level Call Tracking Enables Blue Fountain Media to Optimize Call Volume for Limo Client

Blue Fountain Media’s limo client was struggling to generate online reservations through their website. So the client invested in the development of a custom online reservation system that enabled people to book limousines more easily, and allowed the client to better track conversion flow. Yet Blue Fountain Media found that users were still 4.7 times more likely to call the company than book on their website.

With phone calls being the main driver of reservations for their client, Blue Fountain Media used DialogTech’s call tracking to determine which search campaigns drove calls, and which didn’t. With that information they were able to make adjustments to their client’s campaigns to drive more calls for less. And by using DialogTech’s advanced call analytics data they learned there were times of day that campaigns over-performed and money was wasted driving calls that couldn’t be processed or assisted. Scaling back bids at those times allowed them to adequately manage inbound calls and optimize marketing ROI.

DialogTech’s Geo-Location Technology Directs Luxury Real Estate Client’s Callers to Most Relevant Sales Team

Blue Fountain Media’s luxury real estate client has offices and properties spread throughout the United States, and they have established call centers based on those regions. They struggled finding an efficient solution to direct callers driven from their marketing campaigns to the appropriate geographic call center.

Blue Fountain Media’s solution involved combining DialogTech’s call tracking and geo-location technology. Visitors directed to the website from their online searches were displayed a phone number and, when they called, geo-location technology determined their precise location and automatically routed them to the closest call center set up for their region. DialogTech’s call tracking data then enabled Blue Fountain Media to understand which keyword searches were driving calls and optimize for those campaigns.

“Call tracking data from DialogTech gives Blue Fountain Media a competitive edge,” explains Morosi. “DialogTech’s call analytics and automation technology directly impact our search marketing campaigns and enables us to drive revenue growth for our clients.”

  • Blue Fountain Media is a top New York digital agency, offering clients website design, online marketing solutions, and mobile app development. They use DialogTech’s call tracking and dynamic number insertion technology to streamline call volume, optimize marketing investments, and reduce cost per conversion for its clients.
  • DialogTech’s call tracking technology helped Blue Fountain Media optimize their self storage client’s paid search, decreasing cost per conversion by 43% and increasing calls by 58% over four months.
  • By using DialogTech’s keyword-level call tracking, Blue Fountain Media was able to improve their limo client’s paid search strategy and help them manage their call volume.
  • Blue Fountain Media used DialogTech to help their luxury real estate client connect web visitors with the most appropriate call center based on geography.


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