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DialogTech Privacy Update: Optimize More Customer Engagements Without Capturing Personally Identifiable Information

Jonathon Byrd Customer Success Director, DialogTech

Marketing attribution within the financial services and healthcare industries can be a difficult task. Marketers want to learn which campaigns drive customers and use that information to find and target similar audiences. While this can be fairly simple for tracking visitors who convert online in the financial services and healthcare industries (as much of the lead data is anonymized), when an opportunity decides to convert offline their personal information becomes more vulnerable.

Due to these challenges, DialogTech has released a new privacy update allowing marketers using call attribution to opt-in to masking caller IDs from inbound phone calls as they reach the DialogTech platform. With this feature, marketers within the healthcare and financial services industries can have peace of mind that not a single piece of personally identifiable information (PII) is captured when calls are attributed and routed using DialogTech’s applications.

How Does It Work?

When an inbound call is made to a number hosted on the DialogTech platform, the caller ID is randomly altered and the original ID is dropped without being recorded by the DialogTech platform. Marketers can continue to attribute calls to the digital and offline advertisements that drive them, but can now do so without personally identifying the individual at any level.

Key Features Include:

  • Masking of caller ID.
  • Option to not record or transfer call recordings to a third-party database (default).
  • Call recording purging: record calls and send them to a third-party database. Recordings will then be purged on the DialogTech side (optional).
  • Inability to perform reverse lookup requests related to caller IDs.
  • Disabled call transcription capabilities.

Contact us more information regarding DialogTech’s privacy update or to receive a demonstration of our platform!