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What Is Conversation Intelligence?

Conversation intelligence combines call tracking and attribution with AI-powered conversation analytics to provide valuable and actionable marketing, sales, and CX insights from callers.

Now more than ever, first-party data is critical to understanding and optimizing marketing, sales, and CX. It’s why businesses are now looking to capture and unlock insights from the most powerful source of first-party data: consumer phone calls.

Conversation intelligence software provides the solution to mine meaningful data and insights from every call to your business at scale. With a conversation intelligence platform, AI and machine-learning algorithms rapidly analyze the full context, experience, and outcome of every call to measure and score caller intent and value, conversion outcomes, call handling performance, CX issues, and so much more.

Conversation intelligence provides businesses with meaningful, actionable insights directly from the voice of the customer to understand and predict consumer behavior, measure and optimize marketing performance, detect and correct call handling issues impacting sales operations, and deliver more personalized and relevant experiences online and over the phone.

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How Does Conversation Intelligence Work?

When a consumer places a call, conversation intelligence platforms capture the marketing source that drove it as well as demographic information about the caller. AI analyzes the phone conversation to uncover actionable insights. You can then activate the data in your martech stack.

With conversation intelligence data in your martech stack, you can make smarter optimizations to drive more phone leads from your digital marketing at a lower CPL — and prove it. You can also use this data to create better call experiences that result in conversions.

What Insights Can Conversation Intelligence Capture From Phone Conversations at Scale?

Conversation intelligence technology automatically transcribes phone conversations and analyzes them for insights. Key data points from the conversation are automatically tagged and highlighted, based on your unique AI model. Below are some of the data points conversation intelligence can capture from phone conversations at scale:

  • If the call was answered
  • If the call went to voicemail
  • How long the caller waited on hold
  • If the caller abandoned the call
  • The duration of the call
  • If it was a sales or appointment opportunity
  • If any of your flagged keywords were spoken
  • What products or services the caller expressed interest in
  • The call’s lead score, on a scale of 1 to 10, based on the conversation
  • If the caller is looking to make a purchase soon
  • If the call resulted in a sale or appointment
  • If a CX issue occurred on the call

The Benefits of Conversation Intelligence for Marketers

Accurately Measure Marketing ROI

Conversation intelligence enables marketers to not only measure the volume of inbound phone calls driven by marketing, but also the value of these calls. Tapping into this information provides marketers with truly accurate metrics on how their work impacts business results.

Uncover Valuable Insights

With conversation intelligence, marketers can easily see if a call was a quality lead, if it was a sales opportunity or a CX issue, if a specific product or service was discussed, and more. Then, marketers can accurately measure the ROI of the calls they're driving and make smarter optimizations to drive more sales conversions at a lower cost per lead.

Make Smarter Decisions

With scalable data on your customers’ conversations, you can use intelligence from these calls to improve marketing campaign performance, build audiences, customize ad creative, and generate more conversions. These insights can integrate with your martech stack; for example, conversation intelligence technology can improve your Google Ads Smart Bidding campaigns and drive more high-converting calls.

Detect and Correct Issues

No matter how well you optimize your marketing to generate leads, your ROI suffers if your call centers and agents aren’t answering calls and converting phone leads to sales opportunities and conversions. Get alerts when quality leads aren’t being converted by store locations, when calls go to voicemail, if call center agents have room for improvement, and more.

The Benefits of Conversation Intelligence for Sales and CX

Uncover Voice-of-the-Customer Insights

Understand the common questions your buyers ask, the value propositions that matter most to them, phrases they use to refer to your products or services, common objections, their price sensitivity, and more. Use these insights to adjust your scripts, inform your outreach, and train your agents.

Detect and Correct Conversion Issues

Conversation intelligence platforms can help you detect issues that are negatively impacting sales conversions. Perhaps agents are letting calls go to voicemail, routing calls inefficiently, or failing to stick to the script. Get email alerts when quality leads aren’t being converted by locations, when calls go to voicemail, if call center agents have room for improvement, and more, so you can follow up to recapture lost opportunities.

Use Transcriptions and Recordings as Coaching Tools

Uncover the reasons why agents and locations are exceeding their goals or underperforming. Perhaps a top-performing rep is using key phrases like “risk-free trial” or has tweaked the value proposition in a way that better resonates with customers. Maybe an underperforming rep is failing to counter a common objection or express empathy. Use the transcriptions and recordings as coaching tools to improve performance and share best practices across your locations.

Democratize Insights Across Your Organization

Share sales call recordings and transcripts with outside departments to help the rest of your organization support your sales efforts. By better understanding the voice of the customer, your organization can create marketing content that better speaks to your audience, streamline the website experience, develop new product offerings or features that align with consumer demand, create new pricing packages, and more. Your organization will become more customer-focused, helping you align with the market and close more deals as a result.

Deep Intelligence Directly from the Voice of the Consumer

Call recordings and transcriptions are the ultimate source of truth for the call channel. A conversation intelligence platform provides you with direct access to recordings and transcriptions, regardless of whether calls go to call centers or locations. You can tap into the voice of your customers and analyze call experiences to:

  • Improve SEO: See what questions callers are asking and answer them on your site to improve SEO and conversion rates.
  • Conduct Mystery Shopping: See if agents or locations are following approved scripts and saying the right things when good leads call.
  • Improve Call Coaching: Provide call center managers and locations with recordings of good sales leads that didn’t convert to use as coaching tools to improve agent performance.

What to Look for in a Conversation Intelligence Platform

For businesses that value inbound phone calls, a conversation intelligence platform isn’t a nice-to-have anymore — it’s a need-to-have. When evaluating conversation intelligence platforms, look for solutions that have the following.

  • Accurate, reliable transcriptions: Better transcriptions lead to better data and better insights. Don’t settle for inaccurate transcriptions or a tool that doesn’t give you full access to your transcription data. The power of conversation intelligence relies on quality transcriptions, so it’s key to use a platform that provides the best foundation.
  • Integrations that matter to you: Actionable insights from conversation intelligence are only actionable when this data integrates into the tools you already use. Look for a conversation intelligence platform that integrates with your martech stack and the ad platforms you use to drive results. The best tool is the one that fits into your existing marketing toolkit.
  • Quality customer service: A platform with knowledgeable, in-house customer success and customer support teams ensures that you’re maximizing the conversation intelligence technology to the fullest. Customer service should feel like an extension of your team and they’re invested in your success.

I love the analytics on phone calls DialogTech provides and have already found several actionable cases in the data. It’s enabled us to find and correct issues with call handling costing us revenue, generate more of the right callers from our marketing, and better convert them to service appointments.

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