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[Videos] Delight Callers with DialogTech and Amazon Connect

Greg Goodman Senior Director of Partner Strategy, DialogTech

Have you ever wished when you called a bank, insurance provider, cable company, cruise line, or any business’s call center, they already knew why you were calling? Wouldn’t you be delighted if the representative that answered the phone was already aware of your unique needs and could help you right away? The caller experience you receive often determines if you will become a customer.

As marketers, and consumers ourselves, we understand how important it is to make a good first impression over the phone. According to a recent survey, 72% of customers faulted companies for bad customer service if they had to explain their problem to multiple people. Forcing callers to wait on hold unassisted, bounce around from agent to agent, and waste time verifying who they are and explaining to each agent why they are calling, is a sure-fire recipe for losing customers. Instead, call centers can delight callers with a personalized, relevant, and efficient experience with DialogTech and AWS (Amazon Web Services).

Watch this video from Amazon Connect to learn more about how our integration works to improve the customer purchase experience during an inbound sales call:

DialogTech has combined the power of our Voice Management Platform with Amazon Connect and Amazon Lex to provide a caller’s real-time online behaviors (such as which search keywords they used, their interactions with digital marketing campaigns, and specific web page visits) to call centers running AWS. Imagine if you could inform Amazon Lex when a caller is simultaneously viewing a specific product or offer on your website or mobile app. How amazing would that be? In addition, what if Amazon Lex would then ask if the caller is interested in purchasing, and if so, complete the entire transaction automatically without involving a live agent? This scenario isn’t too good to be true and is now a reality with DialogTech and AWS Connect.

For callers in need of support from your brand — especially if you are in industries like home services, senior care, or business services — routing them right away to the right agent to assist them is critical. With DialogTech and AWS, you can set up rules to automatically route calls based on a wide variety of data points, including the caller’s location, day, time, and their corresponding data in your CRM system.

Watch this video on how Amazon Connect and DialogTech can share data to bring delight to your customers in potentially stressful situations:

In collaboration with Amazon Connect, a new Solution Space is available to make these powerful experiences a reality, out of the box. Through these pre-built solutions, that include the use of CRM, voice authentication, and other mission-critical tools, you can quickly set up and enable Amazon Connect within your organization, bringing your call center experience to new levels.

According to Deloitte, 62% of companies view customer experience delivered by the contact centers as a competitive differentiator. Do you know how your call center experience is helping, or hurting how your customer’s view your brand?

Learn more about how DialogTech and AWS can help you personalize the customer journey by bringing your call center and marketing initiatives together. Request a demo to today start breaking down the barriers between your call center and marketing initiatives.

DialogTech integrates with Amazon Connect and Amazon Lex, providing deep, real-time intelligence on inbound calls businesses can use to personalize call experiences and drive growth.

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