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Are Unanswered Calls Harming Your Marketing ROI?

Derek Andersen Senior Content & SEO Specialist, DialogTech

Inbound calls are often the most valuable leads your marketing drives. According to Forrester, callers convert 30% faster than web leads, spend 28% more, and have a 28% higher retention rate.

Your marketing team is spending budget to drive phone leads to your locations (and increasingly during COVID-19, remote agents) — but are your locations and people answering the phone?

Unanswered calls are an issue for many multi-location businesses. In fact, almost 20% of calls to businesses go unanswered or to voicemail. These missed calls are not only wasted sales opportunities and marketing spend, they can also drive business to your competitors. In fact, 84% of callers say they would cease doing business with a company after a bad call experience.

To ensure valuable phone leads are getting answered, marketers are leveraging DialogTech’s call tracking and analytics solution. Below are some tips for using DialogTech’s AI-powered insights to make optimizations that reduce unanswered calls, lower wasted marketing spend, and increase conversions and revenue at locations.

Identify Unanswered Calls by Location

DialogTech’s AI-generated reports show how each of your locations answers phone calls. Conversation intelligence technology detects the percentage of calls that are unanswered as well as the percentage that go to voicemail.

Sample DialogTech showing unanswered call rates by location

With this view, you can detect problem locations where a high percentage of calls go to voicemail. You can then determine if you’re wasting marketing budget to generate calls for locations that aren’t properly staffed to answer them. As a next step, you could set up dynamic routing rules to send calls to better performing locations (or to your call center, if you have one) and work with sales to improve location staffing across the board and make answering calls a priority.

View Unanswered Calls by Day and Time

DialogTech also has reports to help you identify the days and times when your business has the highest unanswered call rates.

DialogTech sample report showing unanswered calls by day and time

Sample DialogTech report showing unanswered call rates by day and time

You can use these insights to help time any ads that you’re using to drive call conversions. For instance, if your locations have the highest unanswered call rates at 8am, you can schedule your ads to start at 9am, so the calls you drive have a better chance of getting answered. In addition, you can share this data with your sales team to help them better staff your locations at key times.

Sort Unanswered Calls by Marketing Source

Marketers can also use DialogTech to view the percentage of calls from each marketing source that go unanswered. This gives you more transparency into your marketing ROI and can help you identify what portion of your ad spend is wasted driving missed calls.

DialogTech sample report showing missed calls by the marketing source that drove them

You can use this data to adjust your routing rules for each marketing source. For instance, if calls from paid search have the highest unanswered rate, you could adjust the routing so that those calls go to your highest performing location and you’re not wasting spend driving unanswered calls. Or you can stop spending on those ads during those times. If you have a high number of unanswered calls from organic media that you can’t pause like Google My Business listings or SEO, you might look at using an IVR to automatically assist and route callers, or send them to locations that are open if that is an option.

Get Analytics on Voicemail Lead Quality

Studies show that people who leave voicemails at businesses often don’t call back or convert. Most are lost opportunities. So for calls that are going to your location voicemails, a call tracking and analytics solution like DialogTech can automatically record and analyze the messages callers are leaving to determine things like sales intent, product/service interest, and more. That data can be visualized in reports so marketers can see if a high percentage of voicemail messages are from good leads. If they are, it can help you better quantify the impact that not answering calls is having on your business.

Bridge the Gap Between Marketing and Sales

After capturing these rich insights from a call tracking and analytics solution, marketers can coordinate with sales teams and franchise owners to understand why calls are going unanswered. Are hold times too long? Are locations understaffed? Is routing inefficient? Do agents need additional training? Sales teams can then make the necessary corrections at their locations to improve answer rates. With fewer sales calls going to voicemail, conversion rates and revenue will increase as well.

How DialogTech’s AI Helps Multi-Location Auto Service Provider Recapture $6 Million a Month From Unanswered Calls

For a national auto service and tire provider with over 1,200 locations, phone calls are the most popular way customers book appointments. The provider’s marketing team runs a wide variety of online and offline campaigns to generate appointment calls to locations, but had no visibility into their effectiveness.

To reduce their unanswered call rate, the provider then turned to DialogTech’s AI-powered call tracking and analytics. DialogTech created daily dashboard reports to assess the answer rate for every location. These reports compared poor-performing locations to locations that were performing well. This gave district managers the ability to evaluate the differences between these locations and determine how to improve performance. It helped them see a 33% reduction in unanswered calls across locations, which is estimated to drive an additional $6 million in revenue each month.

To see more reports marketers are using to boost revenue and customer acquisition, download our ebook, The 10 Call Analytics Reports That Will Change Your Marketing.

Want to see more reports marketers are using to boost revenue and customer acquisition? Download our ebook, The 10 Call Analytics Reports That Will Change Your Marketing.

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