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DialogTech CEO on Acquiring Swydo

Irv Shapiro Founder & Executive Chairman, DialogTech

Today DialogTech announced some very big news: we have acquired Swydo, the provider of industry-leading digital marketing dashboards, reports, and visualizations. The move enables DialogTech to do something revolutionary — bring world-class omni-channel visualizations to call analytics.

Over the past ten years DialogTech has pioneered the science of call analytics. From asynchronous DNI (dynamic number insertion) to caller experience personalization to AI and machine learning, DialogTech has continued to innovate with industry firsts that redefine what it means to provide actionable marketing analytics for inbound calls. And now, by acquiring Swydo, we’ve changed call analytics once again.

Swydo enables marketers to visualize all their digital marketing data together in truly stunning reports and customizable dashboards. We have added that technology to the DialogTech platform via our Dashboard Insights tool, enabling our customers to view their call analytics data in amazing ways within the DialogTech platform to uncover powerful omni-channel insights.

DialogTech omni-channel reports

You can include your martech and adtech performance data from Google Analytics, AdWords, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and MailChimp in DialogTech and analyze it alongside your call data. You can easily drag and drop in metrics to view across data sources, schedule reports to automatically send to team members and clients, track and monitor KPIs, and much more.

It’s an industry first and another example of how DialogTech leads the way in helping marketers connect calls to the increasingly complex customer journey. With the addition of Swydo’s visualization technology to the DialogTech platform, our customers now have three powerful options to analyze their call data:

  • DialogTech Reports: You can use a drop-and-drag editor to create stunning omni-channel marketing reports in minutes and include your martech and adtech data to gain a holistic view of your customers’ journeys, online and over the phone.  
  • AI-Driven Insights: DialogTech provides industry-leading AI and machine-learning technology that analyzes the entire context of calls to uncover hidden insights marketers use to drive growth.
  • Seamless Integrations: DialogTech also has built-in integrations with leading CRM, bid management, web analytics, and digital advertising platforms, so you can use the same tools to measure and optimize inbound calls that they use for online conversions.

DialogTech customers can access Swydo-powered reports today within the DialogTech platform as part of our Dashboard Insights tool, which we are offering for a limited time as a free 30-day trial.