August 14, 2017 Search Marketing

The average consumer spends 75% of their time on Facebook and Google. It’s important for marketers to ensure these ad channels work well — and work together — to drive conversions. Having a strategy that melds click-to-call, search, and social is critical, especially as smartphones become the device of choice for consumers to run searches, browse the internet, access social platforms, and engage with businesses:

  • 51% of global website traffic comes from smartphones
  • Over 50% of searches are conducted on mobile devices
  • 80% of time spent on social media is on mobile
  • Calls from mobile digital ads to US businesses will exceed 110 billion this year

So how do you stand out? Hit refresh on your ad creative.

Here are 4 tips that will not only increase your creativity with your search and Facebook ads but lead to more conversions:

1. Test Different Ad Types in Facebook

Test different ad types example

Experimentation is key. In order to experience a strong conversion rate from Facebook, it’s important to test everything that makes sense. Start with testing different campaigns and ad types – but make them specific to what you are trying to accomplish and your target audience.

Whether it’s including a call to action — “shop now”, “contact us,” “click-to-call” — there are lots of opportunities to get creative and be successful. However, don’t stop with just one ad format – make sure your consumers are seeing variations of your campaign.

Pro Tip: Facebook creative burns out really fast. At the minimum, launch a new creative every two weeks. Whether it’s a new image or ad format, make sure to always be innovating to prevent your creative from becoming stale.

2. Use Ad Extensions Every Chance You GetUse Google Ad Extensions

Ad extensions are pieces of extra information or calls to action that can be added to your AdWords text ads. They help you take your standard Google text ad to the next level by adding in sitelinks, locations, phone numbers, and more. According to a recent Google study, ads with ad extensions accumulate a higher click through rate — on average 8% to 10% — which results in a higher quality score and lower CPC.

Simply by adding ad extensions, you are able to build and improve your creative that is specific to a device or audience.

Pro Tip: The more the merrier! Utilize as many ad extensions as you can, but when you are targeting location, message, or call extensions, make it mobile specific for higher and more immediate results.

3. Refresh Your Images to Avoid Ad FatiguePersonalize ad types example- Geico

Facebook users will tune out your ads if you stick to the same images. Refresh your creative to grab people’s attention. Don’t get stuck in your niche. Generate different creative for each target — i.e. people who have called versus people who have filled out a form versus people who have visited your website.

Pro Tip: Stay organized! If you break out your audiences in different campaigns or assets, it will allow you to keep your creative segmented. Although it might be extra work from the front end, it will prove to be very valuable to see what creative is working by audience.

4. Make It Quick and Easy to Contact Your Business Make it easy to convert from your ads

Allow consumers to get in touch with your business or brand in a manner that is most convenient for them. Specifically on mobile, it’s more difficult for the consumer to fill out a form than it is to click a button to call.

Pro Tip: The fewer steps the better. Don’t crowd your consumers with a never ending list of steps in order to get in contact with you. Make sure your landing pages include click-to-convert functionalities — for example, a permanent header or footer call button. The easier you make it for people to convert how they want, the better results you’ll see.

As advertisers continue to follow consumers to AdWords and Facebook, we can’t forget to incorporate the mode of communication they are most comfortable with: calling. By offering up creative Facebook and search ads, marketers are able to capture ready-to-convert customers.

Interested in learning more about how to boost your conversions and creativity in your search and Facebook ads in a cross-channel world? Listen to our on-demand webinar, Optimizing Search and Facebook Ads for the Cross-Device World to learn more.

About the author:

Christie Huber

Senior Content Marketing Manager, DialogTech

As Senior Content Marketing Manager, Christie manages content strategy, social media, and public relations at DialogTech. She has a background in corporate and consumer marketing, advertising, social media, public relations, and influencer marketing. Christie is a passionate University of Michigan alumni and fan, supporter of 1-on-1 cancer support charity Imerman Angels, and recently completed her fourth marathon.

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