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If you are allocating more of your digital budget to LinkedIn, you are not alone. Studies show that 97 percent of B2B marketers include LinkedIn as part of their marketing strategy and 79 percent report the platform is an effective source of generating leads. A report by eMarketer confirms marketers’ have embraced LinkedIn, as spend worldwide is seeing impressive growth over the last 4 years.

LinkedIn Ad Spend eMarketer

The Growing Importance of LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn users are considered to have 2x more buying power than Facebook users due to the demographics skewing older and more highly educated. Furthermore, members are also two times more likely to trust information on Linkedin than any other social network according to comScore. This means that LinkedIn users have some serious purchasing power and influence.

No wonder marketers are increasing ad spend on the professional social networking platform. Since the platform is becoming an increasingly important part of most businesses marketing strategy, understanding how LinkedIn ads are driving conversions — both online and over the phone — is key to being able to measure and optimize ROI.

The Disconnect Between LinkedIn Ads and Call Conversions

However, while LinkedIn makes it easy to attribute online conversions to your ad campaigns, there is a major disconnect between LinkedIn ads and the resulting conversions that occur over the phone. And this can be a major problem for LinkedIn advertisers — when leads click on LinkedIn ads and visit a company’s website, they often convert by calling. This is especially true in B2B verticals where consumers have questions and need to speak to a real person before finalizing a purchase that is often complicated and expensive. It’s why according to Forrester, customers that call businesses convert faster, spend more, and churn less that online conversions.

DialogTech Gives Marketers a Complete View of LinkedIn Ad ROI

To accurately measure and optimize the ROI of your growing LinkedIn ad spend, you need to get a clear, holistic view of how each ad generates conversions — both online and over the phone. That’s where DialogTech comes in. DialogTech is the leading provider of actionable marketing analytics for inbound calls. Using sophisticated call tracking technology, DialogTech provides businesses and agencies complete visibility into how their channels, ads, search keywords, and website drive calls and how those calls impact business results. It works for any marketing source, including calls generated by your LinkedIn ads.

All in one dashboard

But DialogTech also provides marketers with a customizable omni-channel dashboard called Dashboard Insights™ that includes not just data on calls, but online conversions from AdWords, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, and yes, even LinkedIn.

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All your marketing data collected from LinkedIn is viewable in Dashboard Insights, including your clicks, impressions, conversions, and more. It saves you a ton of time — now instead of having to manually pull and compare data from multiple platforms, you have it all your data together in one location. Generating and sharing reports couldn’t be easier. And you can efficiently analyze and visualize your KPIs to ensure you are getting the most value from your digital ad spend.

LinkedIn Dashboard Insights DialogTech

How Dashboard Insights Enabled One Agency to Better Measure Social Media Attribution

US Lead Network, like many agencies and marketers, found reporting social media metrics and campaign-specific ROI to be an ongoing challenge. “It’s always been a problem to show ROI from social media — until now, since we have the Dashboard Insights tools,” said founder and CEO, David Greene, MD, MBA.

With a number of clients running PPC campaigns on their social platforms, it was critical for US Lead Network to accurately track, measure, and report on the success of these campaigns back to their customers. Once they began using Dashboard Insights, one of their clients was so impressed with the reporting improvements that they extend their contract, as they felt confident the agency could help them reach their marketing goals.

“There is a huge psychological component of seeing one report that’s organized and in one place in DialogTech’s dashboard. If anything looks out of the ordinary, we can help our clients optimize. It has changed how we do business and improved client satisfaction.” – David Greene, Founder and CEO of US Lead Network

With Dashboard Insights, all conversions initiated by paid social ad or social media post can now be attributed back to the source, allowing clients to accurately track which campaigns contribute to ROI. Learn more about how Dashboard Insights can provide a fully customizable dashboard to help you visualize your marketing goals today.

Learn more about how Dashboard Insights™ combines all your marketing data from inbound calls and online activity in one customizable dashboard for smarter optimizations.

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