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Introducing Dialog Analytics™: The Next Generation of Call Categorization for Marketers

Jonathon Byrd Customer Success Director, DialogTech

In today’s mobile-first world, consumers researching purchases on their smartphones will engage with businesses by calling. And understanding how your digital channels, ads, keywords, emails, and webpages generate call conversions has become critical to accurately measuring CPL and ROI and optimizing performance.

It’s why forward-thinking digital marketers have adopted the use of call attribution to identify which campaigns and keywords are driving calls.  But while knowing which marketing sources drive the most calls is an important first step, what marketers really want to know is what sources drive the “best” calls. Existing technology such as hosted IVR solutions and keyword spotting applications can provide a general overview of the types of calls being driven from your marketing. Unfortunately, just because someone pressed “1” in an IVR to speak with sales does not mean that the call was sales-related. Also, because the word “appointment” was used during the conversation it does not guarantee customer intent.

So while both of these products are fantastic tools for obtaining high-level insights about the types of calls being driven by marketing campaigns, in today’s aggressive digital landscape, marketers need more granular detail to beat the competition. And that’s where DialogTech’s new Dialog Analytics technology comes in.

What Is Dialog Analytics and Why Does It Matter to Marketers?

When it comes to making impactful, data-driven decisions to change or optimize existing campaigns, marketers are looking to obtain extensive detail about the types of customer calls they generate. However, many marketers do not have the time to listen to thousands of call recordings or experiment with guessing the types of words or phrases customers may be using to obtain accurate results from keyword spotting tools. DialogTech has identified this need and developed Dialog Analytics, the only solution that uses machine-learning technology to automatically categorize customer calls based on the varying needs of today’s digital marketers.

Powered by Conversation Insight, Dialog Analytics combines structured and unstructured data related to web visits and phone calls to identify customer intent, trends, and call outcomes. The platform will save businesses time and money by reducing or eliminating the resources used when listening to recorded inbound phone calls.

Dialog Analytics has been onboarded to a number of DialogTech customers while in beta, including RentPath, a leader in the multi-family rentals industry: “We use DialogTech to automatically categorize our call conversions into the categories that matter most to RentPath, our clients, and our consumers,” said Rob Sternot, Chief Corporate Development & Strategy Officer of RentPath. “Thanks to DialogTech we know how to optimize marketing to deliver the highest quality leads.”

Dialog Analytics Benefits DialogTech Customers in Many Ways

Dialog Analytics enables marketers to automatically group calls based on a variety of common questions, including:

  • What types of leads are driven by our marketing efforts? Are they viable?
  • Are calls getting to the appropriate destination? If not, are callers reaching the wrong department or hitting a voicemail?
  • What are customers saying on the phone that is different from our general assumptions? Can we use this information to target our customers differently?

The solution resolves the frequent objections that arise from other keyword spotting and call grouping applications, including:

  • “I would prefer to never have to listen to another call again.”
  • “What is happening on the calls? I don’t have time to listen to them all.”
  • “Call volume is up but am I driving the right type of calls?”
  • “You tell me the keywords I should be looking for on calls.”

Using the insight gained from Dialog Analytics, marketers can:

  • Understand what types of calls are being driven to determine if they’re viable leads
  • Optimize the customer journey over the phone by identifying when calls are going unanswered and enabling management to address staffing issues
  • Use keywords and phrases that are commonly used by customers and automatically grouped by Dialog Analytics to target new customers

If you’re interested in learning more about Dialog Analytics, call us at (877) 295-5100 or sign up for a demo today!