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How DialogTech Provides Marketers with Actionable Insights on COVID-19 from Phone Calls

Blair Symes Senior Director of Product Marketing, Invoca

This is truly an unprecedented time, in terms of both public health and the economy. In just a few weeks, coronavirus (COVID-19) has either impacted or completely disrupted every industry. Some have ground to a halt, others have been forced to change how they operate, while others are scrambling to keep up with new spikes in demand. 

Everything has changed seemingly overnight, and no one knows exactly when things will return to normal — or what that new normal will be. For now, traditional assumptions about consumer behavior have been turned upside down as people self-quarantine and shelter in place. 

Many industries used to heavy foot traffic are instead seeing an increase in engagement online and over the phone. Other industries like healthcare and financial services, where phone calls from consumers are the norm, have seen huge spikes in call volume.  

At DialogTech, we are committed to helping our customers get through this challenging time. Our priority is to ensure you deliver the best experiences to callers — even with your employees working remotely — while providing your marketing teams with the data, insights, and answers from those calls they need to weather this storm. 

Introducing the New COVID-19 KPI for Phone Conversations

To help you understand how your business is being impacted by COVID-19, we launched a new KPI for the coronavirus in DialogAnalytics, our AI-driven phone conversation analytics product. DialogTech can now detect when your callers mention the virus or COVID-19-related terms and visualize that data in a variety of reports and dashboards. 

Sample DialogTech report on calls where callers discussed the coronavirus

Because it is a KPI, DialogTech customers can also pass this new data into the other platforms you use to measure and optimize your marketing, including Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Adobe Experience Cloud. You can then view the data in those reports and leverage it to inform messaging, bid strategies, audience segmentation, and more.

View Reports on the Impact of COVID-19 from the Voice of Your Customers

Answers are critical during a crisis, not just for the general public, but for businesses and healthcare providers as well. Every industry is being impacted by COVID-19, but not all in the same way. 

The more data and insights you have on how the coronavirus is impacting your consumers and marketing results, the more informed and effective decisions you can make. And many answers can be found in the calls coming into your organization. Consumer and patient calls are a great source of first-party data, and during a crisis like this, they can provide insights into how the virus is impacting your conversion rates, the questions and concerns callers are voicing about the virus, and more. 

DialogTech’s HIPAA-compliant and PCI DSS-compliant call tracking and analytics solution records and transcribes inbound phone calls, and our new COVID-19 KPI analyzes those conversations to detect when your callers mention the virus and related subjects and visualizes that data in our reports and dashboards. You can use DialogTech to help you:

  • Understand COVID-19’s impact on inbound call volume: With the COVID-19 KPI, you can easily see the volume of calls you are receiving that mention the virus. Trend reports show you how that volume is changing over time for quick insights. You can also compare COVID-19 calls to non-coronavirus calls to better gauge the extent of how the virus is dominating consumer conversations with your business or practice.

Sample DialogTech report comparing daily inbound phone call volume mentioning COVID-19

  • View COVID-19 calls by marketing source: Marketers are scrambling to adjust and adapt paid campaigns, social strategies, SEO, website content, and other campaigns for a rapidly changing environment. Seeing the volume of calls where the conversations include the virus by marketing source (channel, ad, keyword, webpage, and more) can help you understand the types of calls you are driving and determine if they are the right ones.

    For example, one DialogTech customer in healthcare has now dedicated a special DialogTech phone number for use as their coronavirus hotline. They are using the COVID-19 KPI to determine if the hotline is getting the right types of calls and if consumers are still calling their other phone numbers to discuss the virus.

Sample DialogTech report of marketing campaigns with the most COVID-19 calls

  • Impact of COVID-19 on phone leads and conversion rates: One of the most important analytics for marketers right now is how the outbreak is impacting conversion rates. DialogTech can isolate the calls discussing coronavirus and display reports on not only their volume, but their lead quality, conversion outcomes, and value, so you can make better optimization decisions.

    For example, home service providers may see that calls driven from their paid search campaigns have a high number of conversations discussing COVID-19, and that many of those calls aren’t converting as expected. They can use that insight and DialogTech recordings and transcriptions to determine what the context of those utterances is and adjust keyword bidding and landing page content accordingly. 

Sample DialogTech report showing leads and conversions from COVID-19 calls

  • View COVID-19 calls to each location or franchisee: The coronavirus is impacting call volume in different ways, and some of the locations you are driving calls to might be seeing a greater impact than others. DialogTech can show you reports on call volume of COVID-19 calls by location or franchisee, so you can have a better understanding of who is getting hit hardest by the outbreak.

Sample DialogTech report showing COVID-19 calls to locations

  • Receive lead alert emails for new COVID-19 calls: DialogTech can send you and any stakeholders you designate emails when calls occur that mention COVID-19 and the crisis. These reports can also be segmented based on what location or franchisee the call went to so you can make sure those responsible for converting calls at those areas get alerted. They can drill into the call and see the outcome to determine what the best next action should be.

Action Upon Your COVID-19 Calls by Activating Them in Your Martech Stack

DialogTech also makes it easy for marketers to action upon the insights we provide for COVID-19 callers. We are hearing from customers that they need ways to adjust their strategy and spend to adapt to the current environment. So we built this COVID-19 KPI to be actionable, enabling you to pass data on these callers into tools like Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Adobe Experience Cloud. 

Having DialogTech’s COVID-19 data from callers in these tools enables you to:

  • Adjust bid strategies and budget allocation for COVID-19 callers: If you are unsure how to optimize bid strategies and spend right now, you’re not alone. Depending on your industry and campaign goals, you might want to spend more on those keywords, ads, and channels driving the most calls about COVID-19 — or you might want to cut spend on them altogether. Having data on what’s driving those calls will help you make better decisions.
  • Segment COVID-19 callers into audiences: Now that you know which callers mentioned the virus, you can build audiences off of them for more accurate retargeting, lookalikes, or suppressions in Google Ads, Facebook, and other ad channels. 
  • Leverage COVID-19 call data in Google Ads Smart Bidding: If you use Google Ads Smart Bidding to help drive conversions, you can now use DialogTech’s COVID-19 KPI to separate out callers who discuss the coronavirus so Google can optimize accordingly based on your goals. Perhaps you want to exclude those calls from being included in optimization decisions — or you might only want Google to include those calls in its bidding. Plus, Google can also use your COVID-19 caller audiences to inform its decision-making.

Dive Into Phone Conversation Transcriptions for Deeper Insights into COVID-19

You can use DialogTech to run searches through 100% of your calls to find all those discussing the virus. Then you can drill into each conversation to listen to the recordings or read the transcriptions to learn exactly what questions and concerns your callers have about what’s going on. Those insights can help you arm your staff answering calls with the information they need to assist callers. Your marketing team can also use this data to create an FAQ list or blogs about the virus and update content on relevant product and service webpages to address concerns directly.

Sample recording and transcription in DialogTech discussing COVID-19

Other Ways We Are Partnering with Customers During the Outbreak

Beyond analytics and answers from callers, customers are also using DialogTech to help manage the call experience challenges the coronavirus is causing their organizations. Here are some of the solutions they have deployed, in case they would also be useful for you: 

  • Routing calls to remote workers: DialogTech makes it easy to forward calls to your business to employees working from home. You can have calls routed to an employee or group of employees’ phones simultaneously or in a hunt group until someone answers. You don’t need to change any of your ads already in market instead, you can simply change the routing on the backend in DialogTech to have those numbers direct calls to your remote staff. 

Sample DialogTech screenshot for setting up hunt group call routing to remote workers

  • Setting up a dedicated hotline for COVID-19: You can post a dedicated toll-free or local phone number from DialogTech on your website and in your emails and marketing. You can determine where and how calls are routed, use IVRs to automate call handling and qualification, get analytics on those calls, and more. This can be a helpful option for both calls from consumers and from employees.
  • IVRs to automate caller assistance: IVRs can be invaluable, especially during peak call times, to answer, assist, qualify, and route callers the right way. DialogTech makes it easy for marketers to build your own professional IVRs you can use for either all your calls or for any subset or marketing source. You can customize the questions, routing options, and answers or information the IVR provides based on your business and needs. 
  • Caller prioritization: If there are types of calls you want to make sure are answered first, you can use DialogTech to detect and prioritize those calls. This includes the marketing campaign that drove the call, the webpage they called from, the caller’s location, and more. 
  • Reports on unanswered calls and caller experiences: There are news reports of consumers complaining about long caller wait times and unanswered calls at many businesses. We understand that providing the best caller experiences isn’t easy during these challenging times. If you want to see how your call centers and locations are answering and assisting callers, DialogTech reports can provide that data. You can see for each location how many calls are going to voicemail, abandoning their call, expressing frustration, failing to convert, and more. These reports can also help you better judge the impact on call handling if you modify business hours at locations or have employees working remotely.
  • Automate outbound phone messages: if you need help communicating updates to employees, patients, or customers, automated voice broadcasts can be a quick and effective means of doing it. Many healthcare providers use DialogTech’s voice broadcasting technology to help with appointment reminders and rescheduling. We also have businesses that use it to help keep employees updated on the latest news. It’s very easy to do, so if this is a challenge you are facing, we can help.

Things Are Difficult Right Now, But We Are Here to Help

There is no precedent for what we are going through, but it won’t last forever. We are here to help our customers get through this difficult time. Please contact us or call us at (888) 988-4201 if you need help understanding the impact of COVID-19 on your consumers, adjusting your marketing strategy for the outbreak, or providing callers with better experiences. We are in this together. Please stay healthy and safe.