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DialogTech Named Best Attribution Solution by The Drum Digital Advertising Awards

Kayla Hammersmith Senior Content Marketing Manager, DialogTech

Drumroll, please! We’re excited to be named the Best Attribution Solution by The Drum Digital Advertising Awards. 

The Drum Digital Advertising Awards honor the best in technology and digital media in marketing — and the Best Attribution Solution award category recognizes technology that provides the most powerful attribution data for advertisers and generates strong client satisfaction. We’re pretty flattered to be recognized as the best-in-class attribution solution for marketers.  

The judges — the panel was made up of industry leaders in marketing and advertising — described DialogTech’s call attribution technology as a “full-stack solution that solves a lot of challenges for marketers.” You can’t see it, but we’re blushing. 

Our team works hard to deliver the industry-leading AI-powered call attribution solution for marketers because we know just how impactful this technology is for businesses. After all, while inbound calls are the most valuable conversions for most businesses, they’re also the most difficult for marketers to attribute. 

DialogTech’s Industry-Leading Attribution Solution

Most attribution solutions only track a consumer’s online behavior. They don’t work when that consumer calls. This is a big problem for marketers in automotive, healthcare, insurance, financial services, home services, travel, and other industries where phone conversations are important parts of the customer journey. Without attribution on calls, marketers in those industries are flying blind. They lack the data to accurately prove their ROI and optimize performance to drive the best results. They also can’t tell if call experience issues at their locations and call centers are negatively impacting conversion rates and marketing return. 

That’s where DialogTech comes in. DialogTech breaks through the crowded attribution market by providing a unique AI-powered solution that not only attributes — but routes, records, transcribes, and analyzes — the calls marketers generate from their online and offline advertising, SEO, website, and more. With DialogTech, marketers and their agency partners have complete insight into — and control over — the call channel, so they can accurately measure return on ad spend, make smarter optimizations to drive revenue, and deliver personalized call experiences to help their business convert more callers to customers.

To put it simply, marketers use DialogTech’s call tracking and conversation analytics solution to measure how their channels, ads, keywords, campaigns, and webpages drive calls that convert to customers and revenue. This data is easily integrated and activated in their martech stack, CRM, and digital ad platforms, making it easy for marketers to accurately measure ROI, deliver more personalized experiences, and make smarter optimizations to drive customer acquisition and revenue. 

DialogTech measures call volume and value from search, digital marketing, offline campaigns, and more

How GE Appliances Converts More Calls to Service Appointments and Revenue with DialogTech

Wondering how DialogTech’s award-winning attribution solution delivers results for leading brands? Let’s take a look at one of the best-known brands: GE Appliances. They manufacture many of the world’s popular appliances. If those appliances need professional care, they have a team of GE-certified technicians in more than 300 cities who have the expertise to do the job right.

Around 70% of the service requests that GE Appliances’ agency DAC generates for GE Appliances come in over the phone, so DAC uses DialogTech to make those phone calls as measurable as clicks, attributing each caller to the right channel, ad, keyword, and webpage. DAC also integrates that call attribution data from DialogTech with Google Analytics and Search Ads 360. By including call attribution in their digital strategy, DAC increased leads for GE Appliances by 41% while reducing CPL by 50%.

And that’s not all. GE Appliances and DAC began using DialogTech’s AI to analyze phone conversations at scale. When combined with the attribution data from calls, AI immediately uncovered many previously hidden — and extremely actionable — marketing insights. 

GE Appliances and DAC could now see if each call is answered or goes to voicemail, if the caller is a qualified sales lead, what products/services they are interested in, if they converted to an appointment, and more. It enabled them to measure what marketing sources generated the most valuable calls — down to the search keyword and webpage. It also showed them issues with the call experience – like high percentages of callers hanging up during the IVR – that were impacting conversion rates.

When DAC started leveraging DialogTech’s AI-driven insights on phone conversations and experiences, they could truly optimize GE Appliances’ digital channels for what drives the most sales conversions. This data has helped DAC further increase GE Appliances’ monthly volume of quality phone leads by 42% while decreasing abandoned calls by 50%.

“I love the analytics on phone calls DialogTech provides and have already found several actionable cases in the data. It’s enabled us to find and correct issues with call handling costing us revenue, generate more of the right callers from our marketing, and better convert them to service appointments,” said Chuck Weaver, Senior Manager of Business Initiatives at GE Appliances. 

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