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Everyday we make choices. Sometimes they are unconscious choices and sometimes they are well thought-out decisions. They range from personal to professional. They can take on short-term or long-term effects and many shapes and sizes.

The same should hold true with the tools in your digital marketing stack, and especially your call analytics platform. Call analytics — also known as call tracking — tools provide marketers with attribution and analytics data on inbound calls, and traditionally they work using a combination of martech (marketing technology) and telco (telecommunications services) technology. Brands and agencies selecting a call analytics provider to get marketing data couldn’t separate the analytics from the telco.

But things are changing.

We recently sat down with Ryan Bales, DialogTech’s Director of Analytics, to talk to him about why telephony choice and flexibility is important for digital marketing success in today’s complex martech landscape and how DialogTech is making it easier.

Q: In your experience, how important is choice and flexibility within the martech stack?

A: Today’s digital marketers have access to thousands of vendors who promise different pieces of the same puzzle. In fact, more than 1,500 solutions were added to the the marketing technology landscape in the past year and the 2018 landscape now contains nearly 7,000 logos.

Martech options

As vendors in this crowded marketplace, it is our responsibility to provide our customers with as much choice and flexibility as we can. We need to reduce friction, not add to it — especially as marketers begin to modernize their marketing stack.

Q: Do you see more vendor flexibility in other industries?

A: Yes, an example that illustrates this is how you select internet and cable TV providers. You can choose from 200+ channels through a cable provider and use that cable provider’s internet as well. Or you can choose to use your cable provider solely for internet and build your own services stack by selecting a mix of Netflix, Amazon, and YouTube TV. You may still use the cable company’s internet, but now you are watching TV by selecting what types of programs you want to watch.

Making choices within your martech stack should be similar. You should not be forced to work with one vendor for all of your needs. You should have the ability to choose to work with innovative partners that allow the choice to leverage the best options and solutions for your business.

Q: What options can marketers expect to have within the DialogTech platform?

A: There are multiple solutions within the DialogTech Voice Management Platform that provide marketers with everything they need to attribute, analyze, and optimize phone conversations. We want our customers to have the freedom and capability to leverage any of these components on their own.

DialogTech Platform

We approach building our systems in a way that allows you to pick and choose the components that you need. Each of these platforms are highly advanced on their own, and we want you to feel enabled to leverage our solutions in the way that works best within your marketing stack.

Q: Why has DialogTech made it a priority to provide customers with more choice and flexibility?

A: Typically, to gain both the online and offline insights you are looking for, you need to use the telephony services provided by your call tracking provider. While we are proud to be experts at helping customers seamlessly integrate with our telephony services, we understand that infrastructure change can come with challenges. This also adds an additional layer to your decision when selecting a call tracking provider. Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to become an expert in telephony at the same time?

Q: How can DialogTech help marketers that are interested in having more telephony choice within their martech stack?

A: Our goal is to give you the ability to track calls with your existing telephony platform if that is the best choice for your organization’s needs. We want you to be able to choose your telephony platform (e.g., Amazon, Twilio, Genesys, or other similar platforms) and still get the in-depth marketing analytics you have always valued from DialogTech. We’re calling this process “bringing your own telephony” or BYOT® and we’re very excited about the difference it will make in your martech stack choices. We are always working on ways to provide you with more choices everyday.

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