Revealing 3 Ways to Accelerate Insurance Sales Via Mobile Marketing


The customer journey is no longer one clearly defined path to purchase. Customers now often engage businesses through various touch points before completing a purchase. It can vary from industry to industry, from online to offline channels, and even to the consumer’s device of choice, such as desktop or smartphone. For marketers to properly target audiences and optimize ROI they need to understand the customer journey from start to finish.

When it comes to the insurance industry, the customer journey has begun to lean heavily on mobile. Half of insurance shoppers begin their customer journey on a mobile device, with 25% beginning and ending their journey on a mobile device. It’s also a fairly short journey: 50% purchase insurance within a month, while 25% make their decision within 24 hours. A Nielsen study also found that more than 40% of mobile shoppers convert over the phone by calling a local agent or insurance call center.

Let’s explore 3 ways insurance marketers can effectively leverage mobile to acquire more customers that research and shop on their smartphones.

Take Advantage of Call Extensions

Customer calls are an important mobile conversion for the insurance industry. Put yourself in the shoes of the consumer. Buying insurance is not as simple as buying cleaning supplies on Amazon. It’s a complex decision with confusing jargon and often requires an annual commitment, such as homeowners insurance. Getting answers to your questions and understanding pricing is much easier (and faster) when you can speak with an agent. Here are some interesting facts from Google that prove insurance shoppers want to call:  

  • 50% want to call during their research phase.
  • 60% want to call during the purchase phase.
  • 41% would call if the call capability was available in smartphone search results.

If the customer journey of an insurance shopper leans toward calling, then make it easy for them to call you. Always include call extensions with your PPC ads. Not only are search extensions free, they offer a better user experience and an 8% higher click-through rate than ads without.

Call Extension Insurance

Target by Location

It’s very important that you’re showing locally relevant ads: 44% of smartphone shoppers want an agent to be within 5 miles. With over half of callers ready to purchase, offering the option to call and/or visit a nearby agent increases your chances of getting a better ROI on your paid search because you’re creating a more personalized user experience. You can do this with geo-targeted ads.  

Studies have shown that these types of ads actually perform two times better non-targeted campaigns. Beyond narrowing down your paid search ads to the locations with your ideal customers, your messaging can be geared specifically towards these people. You can even run ads for searchers near your competition.

With call attribution software (which you can also use with Google call extensions) you can collect call data and route callers to the best agent based on the caller’s geographic location. Managing the caller experience by putting them in touch with the right person right away will increase your chance of converting them.

Use Facebook’s Targeting Options

Using Facebook’s targeting is a great way to narrow down your audience and create a very personalized experience along a consumer’s customer journey. You can reach local mobile users who add “Life Events” to their profiles. For example, if someone recently moved then they might need renters insurance. If they had a baby then they’ll need to change their health insurance coverage. If someone shares these types of milestones, then you can target them appropriately.

Now that you’ve establish a framework for building a human connection with your customers, take this connection to the next level by including a “Call Now” button with your ads. Just like Google call extensions, Facebook makes it easy for you to put your local audience in touch with your agents. You don’t need to create barriers to entry by forcing people to interact with your business online. Now, your potential customers have the option to call you right away thanks to Facebook’s local awareness options. You can even use their “Get Directions” button if you want to drive store traffic. We have a guide with more tips to reach mobile shoppers on Facebook if you’re interested.  

facebook call now

Calls are very important to the insurance industry because insurance shoppers are mobile. Therefore, marketers need to properly target this audience with locally relevant ads and messaging that are geared towards their natural inclination to call. And with the right call attribution software, connecting and analyzing online and offline marketing efforts will help marketers optimize their mobile campaigns to drive more leads and sales.

Take some time to learn about call attribution solutions for the Insurance industry. You can also request a personal demo to see if DialogTech is the right fit for you.