Voice Broadcasting Regulations & Laws

Users of DialogTech’s Voice Broadcasting Tools must comply with all pertinent regulations, including, among other requirements, legal limits on outbound calls which deliver pre-recorded (or automated) messages. The federal government, most states, and many countries regulate how and when voice broadcasts are permitted.

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As per our Terms of Service, it is solely your responsibility to understand and obey all applicable laws and regulations when using DialogTech’s Voice Broadcasting tools. Failure to adhere to any such applicable rules could put you at risk for fines, penalties, or other legal action. These laws and regulations are actively and regularly enforced. If you broadcast voice messages within, to or from such jurisdictions, you are required to comply with the rules. If rules overlap or contradict each other, or one jurisdiction’s rules appear to be more permissive than another’s, you should always assume the most restrictive rules apply.

Our lawyers also require us to point out that DialogTech is neither your attorney nor your advisor; the information set forth herein is not complete or exhaustive and does not constitute legal or other professional advice; and you are responsible to seek information or clarification from your own legal counsel pertaining to your specific voice broadcasts or for any other questions or concerns.

You agree that we have no liability to you whatsoever, whether for direct, indirect, or other damages, and regardless of legal theory, based upon or arising out of your use of the above information (if you disagree, please do not use this information). We also reserve the right to comply or assist with any investigation or enforcement activities undertaken by any regulatory entity with applicable jurisdiction.

To help you start your research, we’ve collected the information below. It’s by no means an exhaustive list, and both state and federal laws likely apply to most voice broadcasts. Regulations range from prohibiting certain types of calls (or callers) to mandating information and functions that must be provided by the call, such as immediately identifying the caller and the call’s purpose, and making an opt-out feature available. There are other requirements as well.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) are the primary federal regulators although various industry verticals are regulated by other agencies. State regulations are often handled by public utility commissions and/or the state Attorney General under their consumer protection mandates.

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Additional Resources For Voice Broadcasting Regulations & Laws

Here are links to some additional helpful resources, although this is by no means the full set of rules which may apply to your voice broadcasts: