Client Data Retention & Destruction Notice

Effective Date: January 2019

DialogTech Inc.’s (“DialogTech”) Data Retention & Destruction Notice is incorporated by reference into the Terms of Service or a similar agreement between You and DialogTech with respect to Your use of DialogTech services (“Agreement”). Capitalized terms not defined herein shall have the same meaning as set forth in the Agreement.

DialogTech will retain all Client Data for the standard Retention Periods shown below (“Retention Period”), unless otherwise agreed to in a separate executed agreement. Following the Retention Period DialogTech shall destroy all Client Data in a timely professional manner in accordance with industry standards. You are solely responsible for retrieving and archiving any Client Data prior to the end of the Retention Period. DialogTech is not responsible for any Client Data post Retention Period and You understand that it cannot be regenerated once destroyed. DialogTech is not responsible or liable for your compliance with applicable laws or regulations and You are advised to consult with Your counsel to ensure that your retention of Client Data complies with local, state and federal laws and regulations specific to your industry. When reasonably necessary or as required by law, DialogTech may, in its sole discretion, adjust the Retention Period. In such event DialogTech shall provide Client with reasonable advance notice through DialogTech’s portal, email notification, or other reasonable means.

Record Type Retention Period
Cookie Sync Data 24 months
Call Recordings 24 months
Voicemails 24 months
Call Detail Report Summary Data 24 months
Call Detail Report 24 months
Call Transcriptions 24 months
Visitor Data with Calls 24 months
Visitor Data without Calls 24 months
Text Messaging/SMS 24 months
Interactive Voice Responder Open-Ended Responses (Audio) 24 months
Interactive Voice Responder Open-Ended Responses (DTMF, Text) 24 months
Reverse Lookup Data 24 months

Personal Health Information

Any Client Data containing Personal Health Information (“PHI”) shall be retained for 30 days from the date on which the PHI entered into the Production Environment, but only if the Client has informed DialogTech that PHI could exist within Client Data and Client has entered into a separate Business Associates Agreement with DialogTech.

Request for Adjusted Retention Period

Any Client Data stored longer than the Standard Retention Period will be at an additional cost to Client.

Contact Information

In the event that You believe the Retention Period does not meet your needs, please email our Customer Support team at or call 1-877-350-1954ext. 2.

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