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Why Phone Calls Matter to Marketers

Even in today’s digital world, a phone conversation is often the best way to earn a customer's business. To prove ROI and drive growth, marketers must now take the same data-driven approach for calls as they do clicks.

Digital Marketing Drives Conversations

Smartphones have changed the way consumers engage with digital marketing. Instead of filling out web forms, consumers often call.

  • Digital ads
    will drive over 108 Billion calls to US businesses
    this year.

  • Searches on mobile
    devices will drive over 40 Billion call conversions.

  • Calls convert
    to revenue 10x-15x More than web leads.

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“We’re now in a world where digital ad spending will routinely be evaluated (and optimized) on the basis of online-to-offline impact.”

Shoppers Research Online, but Convert by Calling

Consumers that research purchases online often call to engage with businesses. These calls happen throughout the customer journey and are critical for turning prospects into loyal customers.

The New Customer Journey



Consumer searches for a service on their smartphone


Visits a business's website and finds phone number of closest location


Calls that location and becomes a sales prospect

blue stars to highlight a call being made



Prospect later sees retargeted display ad for that business


Revisits the website and finds number of closest location


Calls the location again and becomes a customer

berry stars to highlight a call being made
“A personalized and relevant phone call can help you earn new customers and keep existing ones.”

Conversations Are Critical to Customer Journeys

Shoppers often need to call and talk to a real person.
This is especially true for industries with expensive, complex, or infrequent purchases.

  • Insurance

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    of purchases happen over the phone

  • Financial Services

    Financial Services Icon


    want to call while researching purchases

  • Travel

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    of bookings are from phone calls

  • Automotive

    Automotive Icon


    first contact dealerships by calling

  • Senior Care

    Senior Care Icon


    of marketing leads are phone calls

  • Health Care

    Health Care Icon


    of patients book appointments by calling

  • Local Services

    Local Services Icon


    want to call to book local services

  • Education

    Education Icon


    want to call to learn about programs

“Customers who initiate inbound calls convert faster, spend more, and have a higher retention rate.”
Warning Sign

The Dangers of Not Attributing
Calls From Marketing

You struggle to prove marketing ROI

You could be missing attribution on 50% or more of the conversions from your marketing.

You misallocate marketing spend

You could inadvertently cut spend on high-performing channels, ads, and keywords.

You lose customers and revenue

By ignoring your call channel, you could face lower conversion rates and higher customer churn.

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“For marketers...simply measuring digital interactions is not enough. They need to measure phone calls.”

Data and Insights to Get More Customers Calling

From call attribution and conversation analytics to customer journey optimization, DialogTech has everything marketers need to drive more of the conversations that drive revenue.


Increase ROI by making calls from marketing as measurable and optimizable as clicks.


Know which callers are quality leads, if they converted, and what’s said on the call.

Customer Journey Optimization

Provide world-class customer experiences and convert more callers to lifetime customers.


Analyze your call data in stunning, customizable reports and activate it within your marketing stack to drive growth.