End-To-End Call Attribution And Conversion For Data-Driven Marketers

The top challenges facing marketers haven’t changed for decades. CMOs need to optimize their budgets and drive cost-effective opportunities into the sales funnel. With the advent of online marketing, CMOs and their teams could finally link their programs to the success of the business in the form of clicks, leads, and revenue.

The proliferation of smartphones is impacting this, however, through an unlikely source: customer calls. When a consumer elects to engage with a business by making a phone call – the natural conversion path on a mobile device – it creates a black hole that consumes the data marketers have grown to depend on.

DialogTech’s platform shines a bright light on this black hole, proving how every marketing dollar translates into calls and revenue. Our technology empowers marketers by providing the call attribution data needed to confidently invest in campaigns that drive calls, as well as the conversion technology necessary to control and personalize each caller’s experience, so each caller is routed to the right person at the right time, and more callers are converted to customers.

What Makes DialogTech Different?

Our Technology

Only DialogTech provides the call attribution data needed to invest in campaigns that drive sales and the call conversion technology to personalize how each caller is routed to drive more revenue:

  • End-to-end call attribution data: So much more than call tracking. The only solution that tells marketers how their campaigns drive calls, if calls convert to sales, and why – closing the loop between dollar spent and dollar earned.
  • Real-time call conversion technology: DialogTech provides the only solution for marketers to control and personalize every call experience in real time, ensuring each caller is connected right away to the best person to convert them to a sale.

Our People

The challenges our customers face are significant, and they need a team they can rely on to help them navigate those challenges and find success. We are that team. It’s part of what separates DialogTech from the rest, and why we were honored to be a G2 Crowd top 10 award winner for best support and ease of doing business. Meet the Team!

Our Experience

DialogTech is a pioneer in call attribution and conversion. In fact, as Ifbyphone we invented the category. Our platform has a proven track record of handling over one billion minutes of phone calls since our inception in 2007. We are privileged to have over 5,000 enterprises, digital agencies, and fast-growing companies as customers.