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What a Difference a Click-to-Call Makes


What a Difference a Click-to-Call Makes

Click-to-call on retail checkout pages can help you keep down cart abandon rates. But in online retailing, click-to-call isn’t just for websites. I recently had an experience illustrating the difference a click-to-call can make in an email. In this case, the absence of one meant a lost sale.

I had placed an online order using a PayPal “pseudo” credit card, but neglected to move the money into my PayPal account. The transaction didn’t go through and the retailer emailed, asking me to call.

First I mis-read the number and dialed wrong. Then the phone rang. Pretty soon I had to leave for a meeting and the message went into my “sometime” folder. Now it’s three weeks later and I probably won’t bother.

Now, if that email had a click-to-call, it would have been easy to connect right then and there, while I was still interested. And that retailer’s sales would have been $67 higher.

IfByPhone smart click-to-call could have done a lot more for that retailer, too, using information about where the call was initiated.

For example, the call could have been routed directly to an IVR application to revise the payment information. A customer service agent could be pre-briefed with my name, phone number and information about the problem. Or the business could route the call based on order value or purchasing history.

And after the fact, the retailer would be able to see exactly how much business was saved by click-to-calls coming from those customer emails.

Even where you can’t use a click-to-call — in a letter, for example — the same intelligent call routing and IVR features can be used with IfByPhone toll-free numbers to deliver efficient, personal service. It’s the kind of difference that keeps customers coming back time and time again.