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In a Web 2.0 World, It’s All Direct Response Advertising


That’s the message of Brand Rant blog author Sean Duffy in his post, “All advertising is now direct response.” Duffy’s message is that because people can go to your website anytime and anywhere, everywhere that you’re communicating your message — print, TV, radio, trade shows, speeches — is direct response.

The logical extension is that website design should start with the rules of direct response advertising: AIDA — attention, interest, desire, action. Think about those Flash animations in this light. Take the advice of Eric Stoddard, author of the Stoddard Report blog:

“In direct response, subtly fails. Your advertising will not likely win awards, but it should win customers and sales. Awards are won by ad agencies who do indirect response ads. When you develop your direct response program a failure to use AIDA guarantees a failed marketing program.”

And nothing’s more direct than a click-to-call.