Virtual Call Center Software


Choosing the right Virtual Call Center software for your business is an important decision. Here are a few things to consider when reviewing DialogTech’s Virtual Call Center Software (which we refer to as Call Distributor).

Number of Agents: How many agents will be using your virtual call center? Many companies charge a set fee per seat, or per number of agents you want using the system. With our software-as-a-service model, you can have as many or as few agents as you’d like, without needing to pay a per agent fee. This is great for small businesses that are growing quickly, or have a varying number of people answering the phone.

No Hardware or Software: DialogTech’s Virtual Call Center software works on any phone. That means your sales and support teams can use their office, home or cell phone to answer calls. This makes it easy to set up a home-based call center, where some, or even all, of you agents work from their home phone.

Queuing Flexibility: What type of queuing options are available? With DialogTech, you customize greetings, max time on hold, max callers in Queue, introduction & still waiting prompts and more.

Manager Dashboard: What information can a manager see? DialogTech’s virtual call center software includes a manager dashboard which shows all data for agents, including the open/busy/closed status, answered calls, outbound calls, average hold and talk times, and more. Additionally, managers can send messages to agents via the dashboard.

Agent Dashboard: Agent Dashboards for the Virtual Call Center include a full keypad, so that agents can use click-to-call to make outbound calls and an instant messaging interface for receiving updates from a manager. Additionally, agents can see details about incoming calls including caller ID, reverse lookup information (caller name & address), CRM info from, or data from your own CRM using DialogTech’s API.

Additional Features: As a Virtual Call Center customer, you have full access to DialogTech’s other services including a virtual receptionist (for greeting and routing calls), IVR (for screening calls and capturing customer information), call tracking (for seeing details about inbound calls), and much more.

Overall: If your small to mid size business is looking for a powerful, flexible and affordable virtual call center software, give us a call and we’ll help you figure out if DialogTech is the right choice for you. Want to give it a try for 30-days? Just sign-up for our complete plan. We have a 30-day money back guarantee.