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[Video] The Spam Call Problem and How Financial Services Marketers Can Fix It

Katherine Buchholz Product Marketing Manager, DialogTech

Are you tired of spam calls? We are too. Join DialogTech’s SVP of Marketing Strategy & Analytics, Steve Griffiths, as he breaks down the spam call problem and how our new SpamSentry™ solution helps financial services marketers prevent these unwanted calls from reaching your business.

Not only are these calls a nuisance, but they corrupt your attribution data. SpamSentry helps ensure your call data is accurate, so you can invest confidently in marketing programs that drive only quality inbound phone calls. Watch the video to learn more about this problem that affects every industry, especially financial services, and how spam prevention can help your business.

Why Financial Services Marketers Need Spam Call Blocking

Spam calls can cause a variety of headaches within an organization. For financial services marketers, spam calls cause inaccurate data to appear in call reporting and other marketing platforms you use call data within to track and optimize call conversions (e.g., bid management). This leads to incorrect data driving your decisions on how to allocate campaign spend, resulting in a loss of leads and business.

Within a sales organization, spam calls result in frustrated employees. No one wants to get a spam call, let alone dozens of them. Further, if a sales representative receives an unwanted call, they can be forcibly placed at the end of a call queue and miss an important opportunity. On the customer experience side, spam calls that reach the call queue can result in real customers having to wait longer for assistance than they typically should.

For these reasons and others, implementing spam-blocking technology is extremely important to any organization that values proper attribution, qualified sales calls, and a great overall customer experience.