Unique Phone Numbers For Tracking Calls


A big challenge in online marketing is how to track offline conversions. These days, web analytics tools make it very easy to measure the exact effectiveness of your website, but not everyone’s call-to-action is a click. If you’re in a service oriented business, there is a good chance you’re hoping visitors to your website will call you.

Our customers often come to us trying to solve this problem, trying to figure out how to track which online traffic sources generate the most phone calls. This is where DialogTech’s Dynamic Phone Number Insertion comes into play. The idea behind this feature is simple. Our customers can show unique phone numbers to their website visitors based on how the visitor got to the website–by keyword, search engine, domain name or online ad.

By assigning unique numbers to each traffic source, our search engine marketing customers are able to see exactly how many phone calls they receive, making it easy to calculate conversion rates from Pay-Per-Click campaigns and other online marketing efforts.

According to many customers using Dynamic Phone Number Insertion, this tool makes it easy to figure out where they should be spending their advertising dollars online, and solves the problem of how to track offline conversions for online marketing.