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Twitter Helps Lead Gen Firm Find DialogTech’s Phone Call Tracking Solution


So I was on Twitter and saw a tweet that read i’m looking for a VOIP company that does number forwarding and also can alert me via email everytime a call is made. let me know.

I sent a response, and a few tweets later James from Marshal Firth is on the phone with us. Basically, he was looking for a lead generation solution that would track the phone calls (i.e. leads) he generates for his clients in the health care business. After a conversation with our sales team, here is how he set up the telephony aspect of this business using DialogTech:

He advertises a phone number provided by DialogTech on his landing page. When someone calls the number, it forwards to his client’s phone. When the client answers, DialogTech plays a whisper message that says This is a lead provided by Marshal Fifth and then the call is connected as usual. This way his client knows a potential client is calling, and James gets to remind them of the value his service is providing.

Then, each week James sends a custom report from DialogTech to each client with the number of phone calls he generates, they let him know how many leads turned into customers, and everyone is happy.

I caught up with James again after he started using our solution. He said that after exploring a number of call tracking tools, he found DialogTech to be especially good for the following reasons:

Customer Support – While he can basically set up everything himself, we took the time to set a meeting, walk him through how everything worked, and brain storm additional ideas to help his business.

Phone Numbers – We can instantly provide local area code phone numbers at a very competitive price in every area code that he needed.

User Interface – He was amazed how simple it was to set up a telephony lead gen solution.

Automated Reporting – James can automatically send a weekly report to his clients detailing the number of calls they received through his lead gen efforts.

Billing – We have a simple billing system that makes charging his clients easy.

If you are looking for health care leads, contact James.

If you are looking a lead generation phone solution, contact DialogTech.