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Things Work Better With Voice


Remember the old slogan, Things go better with Coke? It didn’t say that all you need is Coke just that things were better, more fun with a Coca-Cola in hand.

Voice works the same way, as Thomas Howe Company points out.

Instead of trying differentiate your solution by making voice communications do something different like instant messaging or microblogging use voice to “spice up” other common applications.

Let voice add more information and personalization to business processes. Use it to streamline workflow or capture information like the specific keywords customers use when they call your business. But don’t put the cart before the horse. Voice isn’t the central function, but its addition makes the whole process work better.

Thomas Howe uses the example of paprika to make the point.”If a paprika CTO faced the same problems as the telecom market, the response might be to produce paprika soup. The proper response isn’t to pretend that paprika is the important part, but to find other recipes that would benefit from its rich, red color.”