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Study Shows 6.3% Lift in Mobile Search Clicks From Facebook Ad Exposure

Katherine Buchholz Product Marketing Manager, DialogTech

A recent study from Facebook IQ looks at a meta-analysis of 23 conversion lift studies in the US last year. The conclusion? Mobile-heavy Facebook campaigns made mobile search work harder – 6.3% harder, in fact. The results are further proof of how mobile continues to create an omni-channel marketplace. Here’s how they did it:

facebook ads

Source: Facebook IQ white paper, “Cross-Channel Planning: Making Search Work Harder.”

Industry Results

Facebook IQ also conducted custom campaigns to better understand how paid Facebook media influences mobile paid search behavior in three verticals: Automotive, Financial Services, and Retail. The results were just as impressive:

  • Automotive: Search conversion rate increased 4.6% for one automotive brand, and 18% for another brand.
  • Financial Services: Experian saw, on average, a 19% lift in paid search conversion volume with Facebook paid media exposure.
  • Retail: One home furnishing retailer saw a 78% increase in return on ad spend (ROAS) and an omni-channel retailer saw a 30% lift in ROAS.

Not all results will look like this. As the Facebook IQ study states, “We recommend each advertiser find their own “sweet spot” by monitoring conversions across channels holistically as they test out different media weights.”

Key Takeaways

While there are many takeaways from this study, Kenshoo’s Director of Marketing, Chris Costello, says it well:

Facebook ad

It comes down to looking at your marketing mix holistically to understand the relationship between channels, and how you can use that information to improve ROI. Try:

  • Aligning messaging across all channels and devices: Make them work harder by working together.
  • Measuring your channels as a whole versus individually: Understand how channels influence one another.
  • Using the holistic data you gather to your advantage: Take this information and align messaging, inform your paid search keyword strategy, and more.

Don’t Forget About Call Conversions!

The study measures how mobile-heavy Facebook campaigns increase visits to mobile landing pages (from paid search clicks). Yet there’s one missing piece: phone call conversions. 89% of Facebook users access the social media site via a mobile device every day. Calling is a much more natural conversion path from a mobile landing page – especially with the help of click-to-call technology. (So don’t forget to use call attribution to track every call your marketing drives!). Call attribution can tell you which Facebook ads, search keywords, and paid search ads drive calls, so you can optimize your ad spend and messaging for what’s really working.

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