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Spend Your Marketing Dollars Wisely


Marketing dollars are very scarce in today’s economy and businesses need to therefore know which advertising campaigns are working and which are failing. Possessing this information will enable companies to efficiently prioritize their marketing budget and spend money on ads that will be seen by their true target market. How can a company track this information?

DialogTech’s Call Tracking software allows businesses to see which ads are generating the most phone calls. For example, a company can show different phone numbers on their website depending on the referral source of the trafffic, using DialogTech’s Dynamic Phone Number Insertion software. By matching unique phone numbers to unique pay-per-click campaigns,  it is easy to see which campaigns are leading to the most phone calls per dollars spent. Companies can not only track phone calls through DialogTech’s reports, but can also use our Google Analytics Integration to see phone calls alongside other web data in Google Analytics.

Instead of having to speculate whether a given ad is generating phone leads, DialogTech’s Call Tracking helps businesses know which ads perform best. That’s just one more way we help our customers spend wisely.