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A complete solution to drive more quality calls and revenue from paid and organic search

Over 50% of Search Is Mobile — You Can’t Afford to Ignore Calls

Thanks to smartphones and click-to-call, paid and organic searches generate billions of calls each month. DialogTech gives search marketers the power to track, control, and optimize call conversions to drive customer acquisition from SEM.

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Mobile search results | DialogTech

Works for Every Search Engine, Ad Format, Listing, and Device

SERP | DialogTech

Track calls directly from the SERP

Track callers | DialogTech

Track callers that visit your
website from search

Capture caller data | DialogTech

Capture amazing contextual data on every caller — and pass it to sales agents before taking the call

The Industry Standard in Keyword-Level Call Attribution for Search

For each caller, DialogTech captures invaluable session, caller, and campaign data, including:

  • The search engine, search keywords, and ad that drove the call
  • The webpages the search visitor viewed before and after calling
  • The caller’s geographic location and phone number


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The Most Accurate Keyword Attribution for Google Click-to-Call

Get industry-leading caller attribution data for Google call extensions and call-only ads. Use exclusive DialogTech workflow tools to automate the entire setup in AdWords – it’s fast and easy.

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Google click-to-call

Exclusive Call Analytics Technology Only DialogTech Has

  • Multi-Location Attribution

    Multi-Location Attribution

    Display multiple call tracking numbers on a single webpage – perfect for digital Store Locators

  • Heartbeat Technology

    Heartbeat Technology

    DialogTech’s dynamic number insertion requires 50% fewer phone numbers to track callers

  • Clean, Trackable Numbers

    Cleanest Trackable Numbers

    DialogTech numbers go through a rigorous number cleansing process to ensure the most accurate data

Exclusive In-Call Optimization and Personalization Tools

When calls come in, only DialogTech automates how callers are qualified and routed, so sales-ready callers are sent to the best person to close them.

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Geo-location technology

Exclusive geo-location technology routes callers via cell tower triangulation

Call Conversion

Run analytics to know how calls convert — or why they don’t

Understand Exactly What Happens on Every Call

DialogTech records, transcribes, and stores every conversation from the calls your marketing generates. You can run detailed analysis to understand caller intent and how calls convert to appointments, opportunities, or sales — or why they don’t.

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Seamless Integration With Third‑Party Solutions

“Using DialogTech, we’re tracking thousands of calls every month from paid search. We have decreased cost-per-conversion by 10% while generating 83% more calls and 71% more bookings. It’s been amazing.”



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