DialogTech for Sales Teams

Close more sales by connecting every caller with the right agent, right away, wherever they are

Traditional Call Centers Weren’t Built for Sales

Built for IT to manage, traditional call centers can’t support the needs of modern sales teams. DialogTech gives sales teams direct control of the call center, so you can shape it to meet your exact requirements.


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An iPad, iPhone, Desktop Computer & Laptop

Enhance your call center to support remote agents on any device.

Exclusive Call Analytics Technology Only DialogTech Has

  • Works on Any Device

    Free agents to field calls from anywhere on any device and phone system

  • Centrally Monitor Activity

    Monitor agent activity from anywhere and assist agents with live calls

  • Provide Agents Caller Info

    Arm agents with caller information before answering to help close the sale

“DialogTech provides us with the ability to route and manage calls as if we were all sitting next to one another in a call center, and to reroute calls to any number we choose.”

Analyze Actual Conversations to Improve Agent Performance

DialogTech records, transcribes, and stores every conversation to help you evaluate agent performance. You can run searches through conversations for deeper insight into what tactics work best to convert callers and whether agents follow approved scripts.

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Keywords Exchanged in a Call

Run keyword searches to analyze what happens on calls.

Analytics | DialogTech

Automate Outbound Call Campaigns to Drive Revenue

Use interactive voice broadcasts to automate outbound calls to solicit reorders, alert customers to new promotions, upsell and cross-sell, and more.

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Seamless Integration With Third‑Party Solutions