DialogTech for Advertisers

Get complete control over the leads your buyers value most: inbound calls

Calls Are the Leads That Advertisers Want Most

66% of sales
managers rate calls as
the best lead

Calls convert to
revenue 10x more
than web leads

The Most Advanced Phone Lead Routing and Attribution for Performance Marketing

  • Route the right
    callers to the
    right call centers

  • Track callers and only
    pay for every
    valid phone lead

  • Analyze recorded calls to
    prove lead quality, customer intent,
    agent performance, and more

Real-Time Pay-Per-Call Solution

• Accept calls from multiple sources
• View performance by source in real time
• Track pay-outs by source

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LeadFlow | DialogTech

Run analytics to know how calls convert – or why they don’t

Call Performance Analytics

• Record and transcribe customer calls
• Search for phrases said on calls to determine agent performance
• Filter for keywords to find calls that may have resulted in conversions

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Call Analytics for Advertisers

• Link offline customer calls back to the original channel, ad, and keyword
• Optimize spend by displaying the ads that drive the most offline leads
• Combine identifiers related to users, campaigns, and sources to offline calls

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SourceTrak | DialogTech

Cost-Effective Solution Backed by Industry-Leading Customer Support

DialogTech offers the most flexible, affordable pricing options that don’t lock you into costly packages. And our customer support is second to none and always available by phone — free of charge — to help you solve your challenges.

“It’s a great product with awesome support. I’ve never had to wait on hold to have a question answered.”