LeadFlow™ Advanced Pay-Per-Call Routing for Performance Marketers

DialogTech’s LeadFlow is the most advanced call routing, attribution, and management solution for lead gen agencies, affiliate marketers, and other lead sellers. LeadFlow gives you complete control over where phone leads are sent from every marketing channel, which calls get counted as valid leads, and much more.

Route the Right Calls to the Right Buyers with LeadFlow

As a lead seller, you run marketing programs to generate inbound phone leads for a variety of buyers. LeadFlow gives you complete, real-time control over where every phone lead is sent. It makes it easy to route calls to the right buyers based on a wide variety of criteria– – including buyer cost-per-call agreements and call thresholds, location of the caller, time/day of call, and much more. LeadFlow also ensures you get credit for every valid phone lead.

Create Your Own Two-Sided Voiced-Based Markets

LeadFlow is the only platform that enables lead sellers to create your own two-sided voice-based markets where callers from any marketing channel are connected in live conversation with the right lead buyers right away. Calls are the most effective vehicle businesses have for connecting with consumers and driving revenue growth, and only LeadFlow enables you to facilitate and monetize those voice-based conversations.

Easily Configure Custom Call Routing Rules for Each Buyer

No other solution gives lead sellers this level of control and insight into the phone leads you route to buyers:

  • Assign a priority to each buyer to determine the call routing order
  • Route calls to buyers sequentially via round-robin method
  • Only send buyers calls from the countries/states they request during the right days and times
  • Establish a minimum duration a call must last to be counted as a valid lead
  • Send repeat callers from the same lead to the same buyer without double-charging
  • Set up caps on calls to ensure buyers never exceed their lead limit
  • Configure, test, and update routing rules quickly and easily
  • View real-time reports with complete details on every call and buyer
  • Record calls and conversations to prove lead quality