Optimize Adwords Conversions And ROI By Tracking Calls Like Clicks

Thanks to smartphones and click-to-call, AdWords ads generate billions of calls a month. DialogTech provides the most accurate keyword-level call attribution data for Google AdWords. You get the missing call conversion data you need to understand and prove ROI and optimize bids for what’s really driving calls and sales.

Optimize AdWords Conversions by Tracking Calls Like Clicks

Using DialogTech’s AdWords integration, marketers can seamlessly send customer calls as conversions directly into their AdWords account, overcoming common issues that some marketers face with other call tracking providers who only integrate with AdWords through Google Analytics.

Works for Every Call from Search Advertising

Measure and Optimize ROI from Customer Calls

Determine which campaigns, ads, and keywords drive the most customer calls and adjust bidding strategies based on what is truly driving conversions and revenue.

Bypassing Call Conversion Deduplication

Marketers who manage campaigns to drive calls for automotive dealerships, local agents, authorized retailers, and other product or service listing-based websites value every customer call, even if the same customer contacts multiple listings. DialogTech is the only call attribution platform that doesn’t deduplicate and instead provides data for every call directly into AdWords.

Real-Time Customer Call Conversions

Marketers who value single or multiple customer calls from the same session are now able to send those calls directly to AdWords in real time. Traditional integrations with AdWords through Google Analytics have a delay period of 24 to 48 hours.

PPC First-Touch Attribution

Not all visitors convert over the phone during their first session. They may originally arrive onto a website through paid search but convert during a later visit where they arrived organically or directly. Those customer calls would not be attributed to paid media since Google Analytics uses last-touch attribution by default. Therefore, the calls would not be sent as conversions into AdWords. DialogTech can attribute customer calls to their first touch and send them as conversions to AdWords, so marketers can gain credit for driving those calls.

“★★★★★. Integrates beautifully with AdWords and Google Analytics.”

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