Adobe Marketing Cloud

Adobe provides marketers a complete set of integrated solutions that help you maximize and measure the impact of your marketing.

Leverage Call Conversion Data for Better ROI

Adobe users can now use DialogTech’s call attribution data in their reports to prove and improve how campaigns are generating both online conversions and phone leads. Track visitor behavior and see call conversions next to clicks in Adobe Analytics, and use that data to optimize the performance of your campaigns in Adobe Media Optimizer to drive more phone leads.

Together Adobe and DialogTech help marketers and agencies:

  • Track website visitor interaction and gain insight into how visitors become callers (including the source of the visit, duration of the call, caller location and more).
  • Know which marketing campaigns, search keywords, and display and social ads lead to a phone call, opportunity, and sale.
  • Reduce cost per conversion by using call data to eliminate spend on keywords and ads that aren’t driving calls.
  • Drive more sales by investing in ads, search terms, and campaigns that generate valuable calls.
  • Generate detailed reports to prove to clients and execs how your marketing impacts the business.