General Release – November 8, 2012

Today we are proud to announce the official release of DialogTech Inquire, the newest member of the DialogTech family. Inquire shows small businesses which marketing activities actually generate leads and then connects them with those leads instantly so they can close more business. As part of the launch we are offering a free 14-day trial, no credit card required, to show everyone just how easy it is to track your leads, save money on ads that don’t work and respond instantly to your customers.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the beta process. We received a ton of great feedback and have incorporated much of it into this release. Of course our customer feedback forum is still live and can be accessed anytime from right inside of Inquire. We hope to continue getting ideas from you all in the future.

We’ve got a lot of exciting things happening around our launch of DialogTech Inquire, including a bunch of prizes we’re giving away at the REALTORS® Conference & Expo. So if you’re at the show in Orlando come visit us at booth 949.

Beta Launch – July 30, 2012

Today marks the beta launch of DialogTech Inquire, a product that shows you which of your ads actually generate leads (website, newspaper, property signs, etc.), then helps you instantly connect with those leads so you can close more business. Click here for more information on the features of DialogTech Inquire.

Like any beta, user feedback is critical. The DialogTech Inquire Beta User Forum is a place for users to post comments on things they like or dislike, reply to comments from other beta testers, report bugs, or share anything else that might be useful to our team. Users can access the forum directly through the Feedback tab in the Inquire application.

Since this is not a full production version of the Inquire product, you may notice some items are missing or still under development. Here is a list of features we expect to be adding soon:

  • Exporting reports as PDFs or spreadsheets
  • Viewing billing history and payment information
  • The ability to tag, label or group leads and lead sources
  • Search box for searching leads, contact info and notes