DialogTech for SaaS and Technology

Drive revenue growth and customer loyalty with call attribution and conversion.

Close More Business and Better Support Customers Over the Phone

SaaS (software-as-a-service) and technology companies rely heavily on the phone to capture leads, close business, and support customers. DialogTech provides a unique, comprehensive platform to help you generate more revenue and improve customer support over the phone.

Featured Reasources

DialogTech’s Voice360 Platform for Marketing, Sales, and Support Teams

The most successful tech companies are the ones where marketing, sales, and support are aligned. Marketing drives a lead to sales, sales wins the account, and support helps maintain customer loyalty. Voice360 makes it easy for marketers, sales, and support to work together to grow the business.

Sales and Support: Set Up a Virtual Call Center that Agents Can Access from Anywhere

DialogTech makes it easy for SaaS and technology companies of every size to deploy a virtual call center for sales and support teams. There’s no hardware to buy, no software to install, and no IT programmers to hire. You can set up an IVR auto-attendant and your custom call routing rules in minutes, and you’re on your way.

  • Free agents to field calls anywhere on any device
    Ensure important calls always reach the right agent. Whether in the office, at home, or on the road, your agents can log in and start fielding calls on any type of phone.
  • Control your call queuing experience
    Select the on-hold music or promotional messages callers hear, the maximum amount of time they’ll have to wait, the number of callers in your queue, and much more.
  • Integrate with CRM tools like Salesforce
    Every sales call gets logged automatically in your CRM either as a new lead or as part of an existing record. Data on the caller and the marketing source that lead them to call is automatically captured.
  • Integrate with helpdesk tools like Zendesk
    Every support call gets automatically turned into an actionable, organized helpdesk ticket, saving your agents time and enabling them to serve more customers.
  • Centrally monitor agent activity
    Monitoring call center activity is easy using web-based real-time reports and manager dashboards. What was the average time a customer waited on-hold? How much time do agents spend on incoming calls, outbound calls, and breaks? What time do agents first log in and last log out? All this data is at your fingertips.
  • Record and transcribe calls to improve sales and support
    How do leads describe their pain points? What are the sticking points sales have to overcome? Are customers getting first-class support? Find out using call recordings and transcriptions.
  • Capture customer feedback with automated phone surveys
    Phone surveys are an excellent way to measure support effectiveness. Send callers to an automated IVR survey after speaking to a support agent, or have the IVR call them later to take a survey. All data is automatically captured and reviewable via real-time reports.

Marketing: Prove and Improve Marketing ROI with Call Tracking and More

Driving qualified phone leads to sales is one of the biggest responsibilities for SaaS and tech marketing teams. But do you know which marketing sources are generating phone leads, and which aren’t? DialogTech’s call tracking software gives you the power to track inbound calls back to any marketing source and through to revenue, so you can prove and improve ROI.

  • Track customer calls from PPC search ads
    Understand and optimize PPC performance by tracking inbound calls back to specific paid search ads in Google, Bing, or other sources.
  • Improve content marketing by tracking calls back to SEO
    Optimize your web pages for the keywords that really generate calls and revenue by tracking phone leads back to specific keyword searches.
  • Better understand (and prove) trade show ROI
    DialogTech gives you unique trackable phone numbers to put on your trade show collateral, booths, and presentations. Truly see what shows and messaging are driving customer calls to your business.
  • Analyze phone leads for deep marketing insights
    Automatically categorize the types of calls driven by your marketing campaigns with Dialog Analytics. Segment calls by good leads, leads that require follow-up, bad leads, support requests, and more.
  • View detailed web-based reports in real time
    Real-time web-based reporting gives you detailed information on the call volume and call quality from your campaigns. View reports online, download them in multiple formats, or have them emailed directly to your team.
  • Integrate with Google AdWords, Google Analytics, and Salesforce
    View call tracking data directly in Google Analytics, Universal Analytics, and Google AdWords. See the ads, keywords, campaigns, and marketing sources that drive revenue in Salesforce or other CRM tools.
  • Convert web leads into instant sales calls
    DialogTech can trigger an immediate sales call to leads who fill out your online forms, including contact us, call me now, demo request, and content download forms.
  • Automatically filter phone leads with IVR
    Qualify callers automatically using an IVR, then route only the high-scoring phone leads to sales.
  • Score phone leads without listening to a single conversation
    Revolutionary keyword spotting technology monitors conversations between callers and agents, listening for the keywords you determine best indicate call quality and scoring the calls accordingly.
  • Control how calls from each marketing source are routed
    Route callers to specific sales agents based on product interest, marketing campaign, caller’s geography, and much more.
  • Record sales calls to improve marketing
    Listening to call recordings is a great way to fine-tune your marketing messaging.