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Learn how marketers use DialogTech to drive more calls and customers

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Inbound Calls Drive Business. Drive More with DialogTech.

Phone calls are an important part of the customer journey for both retail and logistics. And the more expensive the purchase, the more likely the consumer is to call. DialogTech enables your marketing team to know what channels are driving the most and best calls and provide callers with the best experiences in real time. You can also use DialogTech to automate outbound delivery reminder calls.

Optimize Marketing to Drive Sales

Optimize Marketing to
Drive Sales

Track each caller from marketing source to sale — optimize for what works, eliminate what doesn’t.

Provide Great Call Experiences

Provide Great
Call Experiences

Ensure calls are routed to the best store location, agent, or call center right away to convert more callers to customers.

Automate Appointment Reminders

Automate Delivery

Trigger automated delivery reminder phone calls to make sure customers are available before sending out the truck.

A Complete Marketing Solution for Inbound Calls

DialogTech is a powerful marketing analytics tool that shows you how your digital advertising, webpages, and offline marketing drive calls and customers. It works for calls from any marketing source to any location, agent, or call center. DialogTech also provides tools to optimize the caller experience to help your business convert more calls to customers.

Industry-Leading Call Tracking

DialogTech captures the caller’s name/number and the marketing channel, ad, keyword search, and website interaction that drove each call. Optimize your marketing spend for what drives the most calls and customers.

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Professional IVRs Anyone Can Build

Easily build your own custom IVRs to allow inbound callers to select how they should be routed. Access reports to view how many calls from your marketing are routed to each selection option.

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AI-Powered Conversation Analytics

DialogTech’s AI analyzes conversations for you for a wealth of insights. Learn which marketing programs drive the most customers. Analyze how calls are handled to detect issues. See what percentage of calls aren’t answered and who is best and worst at converting calls.

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Automated Appointment Reminder Calls

Save time and money using DialogTech’s voice broadcasting technology to automate delivery reminders and confirmation calls. Personalize messages with the customer’s name, appointment time, or other variables.

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Personalized Caller Experiences

Use intelligence on each caller to provide a seamless experience as they move from digital to voice. Increase conversion rates and grow revenue by connecting callers with the best location, agent, or call center.

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DialogTech’s Solution for Retail & Logistics Also Includes:


Pass call data to your CRM, marketing tools, digital ad platforms, and call center solutions.

Ad Targeting

Retarget callers who didn’t convert and find new audiences likely to call across search, social, and display.

Caller Insights

When calls come in, arm agents with marketing insights on who each caller is and why they are calling.

Recordings & Transcriptions

Review and share recordings and transcriptions of every inbound call to every location, agent, or call center.

Contextual Call Routing

Route calls based on the caller’s geographic location, day and time, marketing source, caller history, and more.

Call Forwarding

Ring multiple phones at once or in any order -- if no one answers, send calls to another person, group, or voicemail.

“DialogTech is an instrumental partner in providing us with the tools to evaluate and optimize our marketing mix.”

Melissa Zaino
Marketing Director at Bath Fitter

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