DialogTech for Retail and Logistics

Drive more customer calls and sales to local stores and retail call centers.

Boost Sales and Cut Delivery Costs with DialogTech

The phone can be an invaluable tool for retailers to increase sales and customer loyalty. It’s also a great way for logistics companies to decrease delivery costs and improve service. DialogTech give you easy-to-use, web-based solutions to transform your phone into a true business asset.

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Retailers, What Marketing Is Making Your Phone Ring?

Whether you sell goods in stores, online, or through catalogs, savvy retailers know that customers still want to call you. Maybe they have questions before they buy, or they want to know if a product is in stock before coming to your store. They might even want to order over the phone.

DialogTech not only tracks those calls back to your ads and SEO –– so you know what’s working – but also lets you route, record, and manage the entire call experience.

Key Features for Retailers

  • Track calls from TV, radio, print, billboards, direct mail, email, and more
    DialogTech can track calls back to any online, offline, or mobile ad, catalog, direct mail piece, email, or other source. You’ll know which ads lead to phone orders, so you can optimize ad spending and boost sales.
  • Track calls from Google SEO and PPC
    See which PPC search ads, keywords, and web pages generate customer calls and orders. Even if they go to your web site before calling, you’ll still know where they came from. Works for any search engine, not just Google.
  • Integrate with Google AdWords, Google Analytics, and Salesforce
    View call tracking data directly in Google Analytics, Universal Analytics, and Google AdWords. See the ads, keywords, campaigns, and marketing sources that drive revenue in Salesforce or other CRM tools.
  • Route callers to the nearest store with Store Locator
    DialogTech’s Store Locator can automatically route callers to their nearest store, or let them choose from a short list of stores. Whether calling from home, cell, or business, we can give you the simplicity of one phone number to cover all your locations.
  • Control exactly how calls get routed
    Route calls based on rules you build to fit your business needs. Past closing time for local stores in the east? Route calls west to stores that are still open, to a specific agent or group of agents, or to a call center to take leads for follow-up. Our call routing is flexible and easy to configure.
  • Analyze phone leads for deep marketing insights
    Automatically categorize the types of calls driven by your marketing campaigns with Dialog Analytics. Segment calls by purchases, service requests, and more.

Logistics Companies, Cut Delivery Costs and Improve Service

Whether you deliver goods to homes or businesses, you never want to send the truck out with no one there to receive the order. The cost of missed deliveries can be a serious drain on your business, and can lead to dissatisfied customers.

DialogTech makes it easy to cut costs and increase customer loyalty with automated delivery confirmation phone calls, pre- and post-delivery phone surveys, and more.

Key Features for Logistics Companies

  • Prep customers and drivers for smoother deliveries
    Some deliveries require extra tools, space for installation, or a second pair of hands. Get that information without the cost of a live operator using automated pre-delivery phone surveys.
  • Eliminate costly deliveries to empty homes or businesses
    Trigger automated delivery reminder phone calls or SMS messages to make sure customers are available before sending out the truck.
  • Allow for easy rescheduling with an inbound IVR
    When customers decline a scheduled delivery, provide an automated phone-based solution for choosing a new delivery time.
  • Measure customer satisfaction with follow-up phone surveys
    Ensure the professionalism of your drivers and movers while in a customer’s home by automating a post-delivery phone survey. An easy-to-schedule automated phone call can ask customers questions that give you insight into their delivery experience; find out if the driver was on time, courteous, in appropriate uniform, knowledgeable, and professional.
  • Offer expert support with an off-hours hotline
    Provide a hotline for suppliers and end-recipients to call if they have questions or concerns. Route incoming calls depending on the customer’s needs to address the most urgent requests first. Direct calls from the hotline to a live agent, a voice mailbox, or an IVR virtual receptionist.
  • Analyze phone leads for deep marketing insights
    Automatically categorize the types of calls driven by your marketing campaigns with Dialog Analytics. Segment calls by appointment adjustments, service requests, caller experiences, and more.