DialogTech for Agencies

Optimize campaigns to drive more calls and sales for clients – and prove it.

Call Conversion Attribution and Optimization for Digital Agencies

DialogTech gives agencies complete visibility into and real-time control over the calls your marketing generates for clients. You can see exactly how every channel –– from search, social, and display to TV, print, and direct mail –– drives calls and revenue and optimize your marketing to generate more. Plus you can use DialogTech to help clients convert more calls to sales by automatically weeding out non-sales calls, routing qualified callers to the right agent, location, or call center right away, and monitoring and scoring voice conversations from your marketing to prove lead quality.

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Get Credit for Every Call – Optimize Campaigns to Drive More

Thousands of agencies of every size rely on DialogTech to prove and improve how their marketing drives calls and sales for clients.

  • Works for every channel – online, mobile, and offline
    Track calls from websites, search, social, display, directories, TV, radio, content, print, direct mail, and every other channel and source. Get specific data on search keywords and web pages that drove the call.
  • Deep insight into every call
    Get an unmatched level of detail on every call from every source, including caller location and phone number, call duration, time/day of call, where each call was routed, and much more.
  • Integrate call analytics with other solutions
    DialogTech seamlessly integrates with Google Universal Analytics and AdWords, bid management solutions, CRM tools, website optimization and marketing automation solutions, and much more. Close the loop on your analytics data and optimize campaigns more intelligently using both online and offline conversion metrics.
  • Record and transcribe every call
    Capture every conversation your marketing generates to prove and improve phone lead quality.
  • Score phone leads and calls without listening to a single conversation
    DialogTech lets you run keyword searches through the actual conversations between callers and agents to quickly pinpoint every quality call and prove the ROI from your campaigns.
  • Expert support by Google-certified specialists
    Need help? DialogTech’s call analytics and Google-certified specialists are available to assist you over the phone. Our experts will get you up and running in less than a day.
  • Agency pricing and package options
    Call and ask about special pricing and package options for agencies.

Control, Automate, and Personalize the Call Experience

DialogTech provides a full suite of technologies that work during the call to help agencies control, automate, and personalize every call experience in real time.

  • Qualify callers automatically with custom IVRs
    Easily build your own custom IVRs to qualify and filter callers from every marketing. Ensure only qualified callers are sent on to your client’s agents, stores, or call centers.
  • Route each caller optimally in real time based on customizable rules
    Set up customizable rules so each caller is automatically sent to the right sales agent, store, dealership, office, or call center right away. Route calls differently based on marketing source, time/day of call, caller location, and more.
  • Route mobile callers to the closest store with geo-location
    DialogTech includes geo-location technology that can determine the precise geographic location of mobile callers and route their call to your clients’ closest store, office, or agent automatically.
  • Automate outbound calling campaigns
    Deliver interactive voice broadcasts for clients to generate leads and drive revenue.

White Label Program for Agencies

DialogTech offers agencies white label and cobranded programs to sell our call attribution and conversion services to your clients. You receive a completely customized, re-branded version of the DialogTech platform you can sell to clients. Our white label version looks like you built it, with your colors and logos applied to our user interface. We provide the sophisticated call tracking, scoring, routing, and reporting tools, while you get the credit and the revenue.

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