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Get full credit, control, and intelligence for every phone lead you send to franchisees

Does Your Marketing Drive Customer Calls to Franchisees?

Your franchisees contribute marketing funds and expect you to send them quality leads. And for most franchisees, a phone lead is the best lead. But calls are also the toughest leads for marketers to track. DialogTech provides a complete solution for franchisors to prove and improve how your online and offline marketing drives quality phone leads to each franchisee. You can also use it to monitor how each franchisee handles the calls your marketing generates.

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Track and Optimize Marketing to Drive More Calls to Franchisees

Calls from your marketing drive leads and business to franchisees. DialogTech for Franchisors is the only marketing solution that gives you the power to:

  • Know how marketing channels, ads, campaigns, keywords, and your website drive calls to franchisees
  • Optimize the quantity and quality of phone leads from online and offline marketing
  • Control and automate how callers are qualified and routed in real time
  • Analyze what happens on calls to measure lead quality and ensure franchisees handle calls correctly
  • Prove to each franchisee the full return on their marketing spend

A Complete Marketing Solution for Phone Leads

DialogTech makes it easy to see exactly how every marketing channel – from search, social, and display to TV, print, and direct mail – drives calls, appointments, and vehicle sales.

Multi-Location Call Attribution
Track phone leads from any marketing source, online or offline, to any franchisee. DialogTech provides powerful user- and keyword-level tracking for calls made from search, social, display, email, direct mail, TV, radio, and more. Multi-location dynamic number insertion enables tracking on listing-based webpages and maps. Choose from local, toll-free, and international phone numbers.

IVR and Call Routing with Store Locator
Send callers from your marketing to a DialogTech IVR to automatically qualify them and route them to the right franchisee. Want to avoid investing in a call center to take orders or route calls? DialogTech enables franchisors to automatically route callers to the nearest store, branch, or office. Geo-location technology is used to pinpoint and route the caller to the nearest franchisee.

Keyword-Spotting and Automatic Call Categorization
Review call recordings and transcriptions for every call to franchisees. Use tools to segment calls to each franchisor and run keyword searches through conversations to pinpoint calls where important words were spoken. Optimize SEM for keywords callers actually say. Have calls automatically analyzed and categorized using machine learning to see important trends and insights.

Franchisee-Based Reporting
Each of your franchisees can log in to view real-time reporting on phone leads and listen to call recordings. Schedule reports to be sent to franchisees on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Customize reporting to view call data by individual location, franchise group, geography, and more.

Outbound Voice Broadcasting
DialogTech’s solution enables franchisees to send automated voice notifications to customers about upcoming appointments and deliver automated customer satisfaction phone surveys. Customers who received a poor experience can be automatically routed to a live person to immediately address the issue.

What Franchisors Are Saying About DialogTech

“The results have been amazing: This year with DialogTech, Sylvan has increased leads by over 33% from search marketing – all while keeping cost per lead flat.”

Sylvan Learning – A leading tutoring service provider with over 600 franchisees


“DialogTech’s call tracking is outstanding. It helps us understand exactly how our marketing is driving calls to each location, so we can optimize our digital efforts and ad spend to focus on bringing in more clients.”

Comfort Keepers – A leading in-home care provider for seniors with over 750 franchise locations

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