DialogTech for Financial Services and Insurance

Rapidly acquire more customers with call attribution and conversion.

How Important Are Call Conversions to Your Business?

Most financial services and insurance companies rely on the phone to generate leads, close new business, and support customers. If the phone is important to your business, DialogTech’s Voice360 platform can help you get the most value from it.

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Grow Your Business and Cut Costs with DialogTech

Financial services and insurance companies spend a significant amount each month on advertising to acquire new customers. It’s important to know which ads are generating customer calls and which aren’t.

DialogTech can track calls back to your marketing so you know what’s working. It also has a full suite of conversion tools to help you grow your business, improve efficiency, and cut costs. Built for marketers, salespeople, and support professionals, DialogTech’s cloud-based software is easy to use –– no IT help needed.

Key Features for Financial Services and Insurance Companies

  • Call tracking and reporting
    Track inbound sales calls back to your online, offline, and mobile marketing, including Google paid search ads. See what’s working and what isn’t and optimize marketing spend to cut lead generation costs. View detailed real-time reports anytime online.
  • Lead qualification using IVR
    Why pay an agent to ask qualifying questions when you can get the same results with an IVR for pennies? Build a phone menu in minutes that will prompt callers for information and route the most promising prospects to your best agents.
  • Virtual call center
    Free your agents to field calls anywhere on any device. Route calls based on agent skill set, schedules, caller geography, marketing source, or any other criteria.
  • Call recording
    Record calls to ensure high customer service or meet your compliance requirements.
  • Voice broadcasting
    Deliver thousands of automated, interactive phone calls to leads and customers at once. Voice broadcasts are perfect for product cross-selling, order reminders and renewals, and more. Save money by letting our technology do the dialing instead of your staff.

Convert Web Leads into Instant Sales Calls

DialogTech can trigger an immediate phone call to leads who fill out your online web forms, including contact us, call me now, quote request, and more. The faster you contact a lead, the higher the chance of converting them into a qualified opportunity and new business. Get them on the phone fast before a competitor does with DialogTech.