DialogTech for Direct Response

Significantly improve how your direct response marketing drives calls and orders.

Create a More Agile and Profitable Direct Response Business

The phone is a direct response marketer’s best friend. It is a tremendous asset for generating business. DialogTech’s unique platform enables direct response marketers to maximize the value of the phone to drive more revenue and cut costs.

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Drive More Phone Orders for Less with DialogTech

It’s time to re-think what’s possible in direct response. Just because you’ve worked with pricey call centers, inflexible IVR systems, and incomplete reports in the past doesn’t mean they have to be part of your future. DialogTech’s platform offers the best value with unmatched flexibility and control at the lowest cost.

Instantly Obtain Clean Phone Numbers for Campaigns

DialogTech can supply you with an unlimited number of clean toll-free, local, or vanity phone numbers for your campaigns. Obtain them in a flash, then configure their routing quickly and easily to suit your campaign. Send callers to an IVR auto-attendant or to your sales reps in any number of ways. And make changes to call routing or IVR scripts yourself in a flash to optimize performance –– no IT help needed.

Understand How Marketing Generates Phone Orders with Call Tracking

Stop wondering which ads and marketing campaigns generate calls. DialogTech gives you a clear picture of call activity and results for all your ads: online, offline, and mobile. DialogTech can also show you which SEO terms and PPC search ads are generating calls and orders, helping you make smarter decisions and optimize your ad spend to drive more calls.

Cut Costs with DialogTech’s Virtual Call Center

Deliver a professional call center experience without wasting money on expensive hardware and IT support. DialogTech’s virtual call center solution can be deployed in minutes without IT’s help. Calls can be routed to reps in any location and on any type of phone. And the best part: At nearly 80% less than the competition*, DialogTech’s virtual call center can serve your business at just a fraction of the cost.

Put an End to Contested Charges with Voice Broadcasting

Send automated phone or SMS text messages to customers with a reminder about their recent purchase for hassle-free credit charge approvals. DialogTech integrates with the most popular CRMs to help you quickly contact your customers and avoid billing disputes.

Access Campaign Reports in Real Time

To best measure performance, you need real-time data on what’s happening in your campaigns. Don’t wait for a third-party or middleman to turn over your data access everything from call conversion rates to call flow and agent activity any time, day or night.

* Based on competitor’s average monthly costs and per-minute rates