DialogTech for Automotive Marketing

Drive more customer calls, appointments, and vehicle sales with call attribution and personalization.

Automotive Shopping Is Going Mobile – And Calls Drive Dealer Visits and Sales

4 out of 5 shoppers use their smartphones to research vehicles. And when they are ready to make a showroom appointment, they call. Phone calls to dealerships outnumber emails and web leads 2 to 1, and those callers go on to buy a vehicle 10 times more than online leads. DialogTech makes it easy to see exactly how your marketing is driving phone calls to every dealership, so you can prove your ROI and optimize spend to drive more callers, appointments, and sales.

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Track and Optimize Marketing to Drive Calls that Drive Automotive Sales

Inbound phone calls are the most valuable lead in automotive marketing, but also the hardest to track, analyze, and manage. DialogTech provides automotive manufacturers and dealers with a unique suite of call attribution, personalization, and monitoring tools that help you:

  • Understand exactly how your mobile, online, and offline marketing drives calls to every dealership
  • Optimize marketing spend for what’s really driving calls and sales
  • Control how calls are routed and managed to help dealerships convert more callers to sales
  • Monitor and analyze call conversations from your marketing to improve lead quality and agent performance

The Most Accurate and Complete Keyword-Level Call Attribution for Automotive Marketers

DialogTech makes it easy to see exactly how every marketing channel – from search, social, and display to TV, print, and direct mail – drives calls, appointments, and vehicle sales.

  • Works for every channel – online, mobile, and offline
    Track calls from your website, search, social, display, email, TV, radio, print, direct mail, and more. Understand which search keywords drive calls – both from Google call extensions and from searchers who visit your site before calling.
  • List multiple unique trackable numbers on the same webpage
    Track the calls your website drives to each dealership location back to the exact marketing source. Understand exactly how many calls your marketing sends to each dealer, their outcome, and more.
  • Deep insight into every call
    Get an unmatched level of detail on every call, including caller location and phone number, call duration, time/day of call, where each call was routed, what happened on the call, and much more.
  • Whisper messaging
    Arm agents with information on the source of each call, who’s calling, and why before they even say “hello.”
  • Integrate call analytics with other solutions
    DialogTech seamlessly integrates with Google Universal Analytics and AdWords, bid management solutions, CRM tools, website optimization and marketing automation solutions, and more. Optimize campaigns more intelligently using both online and offline conversion metrics.
  • Record and transcribe every call
    Capture every conversation your marketing generates to prove and improve phone lead quality and agent performance.
  • Analyze phone leads for deep marketing insights
    Automatically categorize the types of calls driven by your marketing campaigns with Dialog Analytics. Segment calls by sales leads, service requests, part orders, and more.

Personalize the Call Experience to Convert More Callers to Customers

DialogTech provides a full suite of technologies that work during the call to help automotive marketers control, automate, and personalize every call experience in real time.

  • Qualify callers automatically with custom IVRs
    Easily build your own custom IVRs to qualify and filter callers from every marketing source. Ensure only qualified sales calls are sent on to your agents
  • Route each caller optimally in real time based on customizable rules
    Set up customizable rules so each caller is automatically sent to the right dealership, agent, or call center right away. Route calls differently based on marketing source, time/day of call, caller location, and more.
  • Route mobile callers to the closest dealership with geo-location
    Exclusive geo-location technology determines the precise geographic location of mobile callers and routes their call to the closest location automatically.
  • Automate outbound calling campaigns and SMS messaging
    Drive automotive sales and service revenue by delivering interactive, personalized voice broadcasts and SMS messages to car owners and prospects.