In Today’s Mobile-First World, Email Drives Call Conversions

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66% of email in the US is read on smartphones and tablets.


Email drives calls, and those callers convert to customers 10x more than web leads.

Calls from emails drive sales – are you measuring what matters?

Eliminate the Gap in Email Performance Data

Thanks to smartphones, email marketing will drive billions of calls to US businesses this year. DialogTech shows how each email, A/B test, landing page, and website interaction drives call conversions and customers, so you can prove and optimize email’s impact on sales.

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Data and Insights to Measure and Optimize ROI

  • Marketing Attribution


    See the email, A/B test variation, and website activity that drove each call

  • Caller Profile Data

    Profile Data

    Capture the caller’s name, number, location, past history, and time/day of their call

  • The Conversation


    Know what was said on the call, how long it lasted, and the outcome

  • Call Value


    Know if the call was a quality lead and measure its business impact

Data and insights on every caller

Personalize and Optimize the Call Experience

DialogTech can optimize each caller’s experience based on their data, ensuring the right leads are connected right away with the best location or agent to convert them.

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Analyze What Happens on Calls from Email

Run detailed analysis on the calls and conversations from email marketing. See if calls are answered and if they convert to opportunities or sales. Rate sales agent performance and measure the impact of special offers on customer acquisition.

Analyze conversations for insights
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Integrate Call Data with Your Marketing Stack

Leverage call data in all your platforms

DialogTech enabled BitCadet to prove to our client how our email and search marketing programs increased leads by 208% and sales by 89%.

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