Agencies Must Optimize Campaigns to Drive Calls

Consumers today want to call and speak to a real person to get answers, book appointments, and make purchases. It’s why phone calls play such a critical role in the customer journey for your clients. And agencies under pressure to drive business results must be able to optimize marketing campaigns to drive quality phone calls to clients — and prove it. DialogTech makes it easy.

DialogTech makes it easy.

Top Agencies Use DialogTech to Analyze Calls

Drive More Calls and Customers for Your Clients

DialogTech shows you exactly how many calls you drove to each client, who the callers are, the exact marketing source that drove the call, and the outcome. It provides the data and insights you need to optimize digital advertising, offline marketing, and website experiences to drive more calls, customers, and revenue for clients.



calls and analyze conversations from your marketing campaigns to clients.



call data with your marketing tools and your clients’ tools to measure and optimize the entire customer journey.



how each call is routed to filter out bad calls and ensure good ones are delivered to the best client location to convert them.



marketing campaigns, website experiences, and ad targeting to drive more of the callers that drive business results.



your full impact on each client’s business by getting credit for the customers and revenue they generate from your callers.

AI-Powered Conversation Analytics for Agencies

DialogTech’s AI and machine-learning algorithms analyze the entire context of every call to every client location to determine:

  • Was the call answered
  • Is the caller a sales lead
  • Did they convert and why
  • Should you retarget them
  • Who to call back right away
  • How did the agent perform
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Works for Calls From Any Marketing Source...

Your Website
Display & Video
Email & Direct Mail
TV & Radio
Print & Billboards

...To Any Destination and Phone System

Call Centers
Hotels & Resorts
Hospitals & Offices
Remote Agents
“The call data from DialogTech was eye-opening.”

Kyle Harris
Digital Account Manager at DAC Group

Know What Happens on Every Call You Deliver to Clients

DialogTech solves a huge frustration for agencies by providing complete insight into what happens on every call to every client. Was the call answered? Was it a quality lead? What was said? Did the caller convert to a customer or opportunity? DialogTech provides a wealth of options that give you the answers you need.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

DialogTech’s AI technology analyzes all the calls and conversations for you to uncover the insights you want.

Keyword Filtering

Identify every call where specific words are spoken and drill into transcriptions and recordings for context.

Recordings & Transcriptions

Capture and review recordings and transcriptions of every phone conversation you generate for clients.

Call Duration Reports

Know how long every call to every client from every marketing campaign lasts to gauge lead quality.

A fully customizable dashboard to help you visualize your marketing goals

Omni-Channel Analytics for Phone Calls

Create templates and share across multiple accounts

Tailor reports based on channels, campaigns, and metrics

Identify trends by analyzing performance over any timeframe

Schedule reports for yourself, your team, or your clients

Get alerted when KPIs are at risk of not being reached

Integrate data from Google, Facebook, and more

Hear why Search Discovery says DialogTech has been “huge for us”

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We Partner with You to Delight Your Clients

What helps set DialogTech apart is our people. Our digital marketing and call optimization experts partner with you to ensure you reach — and exceed — your marketing goals.

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White Label Programs

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Award-Winning Support

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