The Pay-Per-Call Management Platform for Affiliates

Route the right calls to the right advertisers

Track and monitor calls to get credit for every valid lead

Optimize for what drives the most profitable calls

Pay-Per-Call Attribution and Analytics

  • Understand in real time the channels, ads, search keywords, and campaigns generating the most billable calls
  • Optimize media spend and ad targeting to drive the most profitable calls
  • Analyze what happens on calls to validate lead quality
“DialogTech enables us to route the right phone lead to the right partner at the right time.”
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Complete Control of Pay-Per-Call Routing

  • Set concurrent call caps so call centers are not overwhelmed
  • Use DialogTech’s APIs to gather data from other platforms to route calls
  • Route calls based on channel, campaign, ad, and keyword
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LeadFlow is the pay-per-call solution with a real-time integration with CAKE

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Not an Affiliate? We’ve Got You Covered.

LeadFlow for Advertisers

Drive growth with a complete solution for tracking and managing pay-per-call campaigns.

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LeadFlow for Networks

Maximize margins by routing phone leads from your best affiliates to your most profitable advertisers.

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