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Get complete control over the leads your buyers value most: inbound calls

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Pay-Per-Call Solutions for:



Real time optimization and
routing for campaigns

Ensure that the best ads drive the most calls to the endpoints that convert the most leads, all in real time.

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Easily manage and
analyze phone call data

View publisher- and advertiser-specific reporting in real time to more easily manage the best-performing campaign.

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Customize routing
from multiple sources

Manage and customize the routing of calls from various channels and track their performance in real time.

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LeadFlow: Easily Configure Routing Rules for Sources and Advertisers

DialogTech’s LeadFlow™ technology gives you precise, real-time control over where every phone lead is routed, ensuring the right lead goes to the right destination every time.

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SourceTrak: Call Attribution for Performance Marketers

The most advanced call attribution platform. Know which sources, ads, and keywords drive the most calls. Custom route by ad, caller location, and more.

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Conversation Insight: Understand Exactly What Happens on Every Call

DialogTech can record, transcribe, and store every conversation from the calls your marketing generates. You can run detailed analysis to understand caller intent and how calls convert to appointments, opportunities, or sales – or why they don’t.

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