DT On Call

DT On Call is an on-demand video interview series. In this series, we chat with business leaders, marketers, innovators, and all-around interesting people to learn from their unique experiences. Every episode's featured guest shares wisdom that you won't want to miss — tune in now.

RMI’s Corey Spraggins on Why We’re in the Age of Adaptability

Featuring RMI's Digital Media Director Corey Spraggins. Corey discusses how COVID-19 is impacting consumer behavior and his predictions for how agencies will continue to adapt to a changing landscape. Plus, Viji and Corey geek out over Game of Thrones. It's a must-watch.

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Kenshoo’s Kate DuBois on Getting Back to the Marketing Basics

Featuring Kenshoo's General Manager of Search Kate DuBois. Kate discusses the importance of getting back to basics after COVID-19, the most important data sets to collect, and how marketers should be thinking about an omnichannel strategy. Tune into this conversation between two marketing experts (and old friends!).

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4C’s Aaron Goldman on the Importance of Being Authentic in Your Marketing

Featuring 4C's CMO Aaron Goldman. Aaron shares wisdom on the best media channels for engagement right now, strategies he’s going to take with him that he learned from the COVID-19 crisis, and what he’d do if he got one do-over in his life. Oh, and he also closes out the episode with a freestyle rap — and we wish there was a mic for him to drop.

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TBS’s Jennifer Lickteig on Successfully Adapting to the New Normal

Featuring TBS Factoring’s CEO Jennifer Lickteig. Viji and Jenn discuss how TBS has adjusted their team to address “the new normal” in light of the COVID-19 crisis and TBS’s amazing Sandwiches 4 Semis initiative. Plus, we get to see a glimpse of Jenn shredding on a Big Wheel around the TBS office’s race track.

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ATI’s Courtney Harris on Healthcare Providers Adapting During a Crisis

Featuring ATI Physical Therapy’s Digital Marketing Manager, Courtney Harris. Viji and Courtney discuss how ATI has responded during the COVID-19 crisis and how telehealth is changing the healthcare space. Plus, Courtney’s adorable dog Madden makes a guest appearance.

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