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Scrubbing Your Call Lists for More Efficient Voice Broadcasting


Voice Broadcasting is about reaching the most people to get your message across. After all, when you’re marketing, you can’t promote your service or product if there isn’t an audience. In the Voice Broadcasting world, a call list with disconnected numbers is the enemy, and here at DialogTech we have added a way to remove these malicious numbers from your call list. The best part? You don’t need to do a thing, and it won’t cost you a penny.

Anytime you load a call list for Voice Broadcasting purposes in your DialogTech account, the Call List Scrubber will kick in and we will automatically scrub your list for area codes and prefixes that are not valid. When we find a combination that is known to be disconnected, that number will be removed from your call list. Those numbers will be stored, and you can download your entire call list including the bad numbers, for your own records.

The Call List Scrubber helps save time by removing useless data you have no need to sort through. It’s the type of quality and reliability enhancement you can expect from DialogTech.

Questions about how the Call List Scrubber works? Call us.