Reviews from DialogTech Customers

At DialogTech, we partner with our customers to help them succeed. We pride ourselves on providing the call tracking and analytics data, routing technology, expertise, and support to ensure you hit your goals. See why our customers on G2 love DialogTech.

Great service and a great product.

“DialogTech always provides timely and useful customer service. They're very quick to respond and assist with any issues, from campaign creation to more advanced technical questions. They have also provided customizations that make our partnership feel more individualized and personal. Additionally, Enova has always had a great relationship with our account managers.”

Insights at my fingertips

“Reporting is fast and easy. I can get a quick look at how my patients are finding us and use that information to drive decisions. Additionally, I can count on the customer service to quickly solve problems. They are extremely responsive.”

DialogTech is a fantastic call tracking partner!

“I love using dialogtech across all of my paid media campaigns. Their user interface is very intuititive and I am also able to view data within my google analytics account. The best part of this tool is the "conversation analytics" piece that translates calls in real time to determine if an appointment has been scheduled aside from me manually listening to calls.”

Dialogtech is extremely valuable to our business

“I like that all of our franchisees can login and see their studio specific call detail, I like that there support team is more than willing to help our business challenges. DT always has new, useful products that they share with our team.”

Partnering with DialogTech

“We have been working with DialogTech since 2012. Great product, service and customer support.”

Works great and great service!

“We've used Dialogtech for several years. Whenever we've had questions or help, their support staff has been fantastic. Also, we have changed phone service providers 3 times while we have used Dialog Tech. The phone service provider changes were transparent to our clients because Dialog Tech is in front of the actual phone system.”

We've been with them for years

“Superior technology for our service based industry that allows us to track call leads. Good customer support.”

Excellent Service

“Excellent service, responsive techs, we have no complaints.”

Robust platform; proud to be a customer

“DialogTech makes it easy to procure and route phone calls. It's very easy to purchase new numbers and to specify where those calls should be routed. The advanced features honestly give me far more data points than I could possibly use.”

Reliable Partner for Phone Tracking Capabilities

“Great support and availability from the whole team. And Global Capabilities too.”

DT Excellent Partner

“Their willingness to dive in and find a solution that fits your business, and client needs.”

Vital information

“You can, openly and transparently, listen to calls with prospects. As good as you think your people are, there is gold in getting to listen to the call from the perspective of the caller.”

Great Product, Excellent Customer Service

“We have been using DialogTech for almost 18 months now and have been very pleased. Their customer service team has been exemplary in both actual support and timeliness in responding to our requests. Our reps have gone above and beyond during the onboarding process as well as throughout our service period.”

Excellent customer service

“My account manager is fantastic, and the customer service really makes integrating the products into our business processes seamless.”

Conversations are conversions

“Dialogtech: - is easy to install - is easy to add tracking numbers (local and national) - has a great support team - has a robust roadmap for new functions and features”

Great customer service + ability to pivot

“The part I like about DT most is the willingness to try new things, and do custom work. DT does not limit customers to its platform but is willing to work with them to try new things. DT also provides excellent account service/support and is quick to respond and troubleshoot.”

Great for call tracking and analytics

“We use DialogTech to effortlessly route and track hundreds of numbers for our 24/7/365 operations. They make it easy to create call routing and scheduling rules and the reporting is great. integration was easy and lets us view call details inside as well.”

Great product that digitizes analog outcomes and makes them actionable.

“We have finally moved beyond just making our phone ring and hoping that a call over a certain length was a sales call. Now we not only know if the call was a sales call or not but where they came from and what they did to replicate and increase sales call volume and eliminate wasted time and money.”

DialogTech is an instant win for marketers

“Implementation takes no downtime or hardware commitment. it's an easy add-on for any configuration, any system.”

DialogTech has given us valuable insight into the patient experience

“Flagging calls for keywords helps us determine which calls lead to appointments and give us a quick way to analyze data. Many of our clients have found the recordings extremely valuable to help understand pain points and drive training at call centers. Using an IVR has also helped us get around a lack of CRM to better identify new patients. Customer support is also fantastic.”

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