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Reduce e-commerce Credit Card Fraud Via Phone With Verify-Me-Now


This week DialogTech is exhibiting at ISPCON, where we announced the launch of a new API solution called Verify-Me-Now. Basically, Verify-Me-Now enables ISPs and any e-commerce or SAAS site to slash fraud rates by combining the power of the Web with the telephone. More specifically, here is how Verify-Me-Now can reduce credit card fraud:

1. ISPs incorporate the hosted Verify-Me-Now application into their existing process that customers use to sign up for a Web hosting account or any other service.

2. A telephone number is collected as part of each registration or purchase transaction.

3. A PIN of up to ten digits is displayed on the customer’s screen.

4. The Verify-Me-Now service is then invoked, either transparently or via a user-pressed button, with an easy-to-use API that is compatible with most Web-programming environments.

5. The DialogTech server instantly places a call to the customer at the number entered in step one and then asks the customer to enter the previously displayed PIN using their telephone keypad. (The DialogTech server also can be configured to request and record the recipient name during this step.)

6. Depending on whether the PIN entered matches the one provided in step two, the API returns a success or failure message.

To read a review of the service, visit Smith On Voip.

You can read more about Verify-Me-Now by clicking here, and if you’d like to incorporate Verify-Me-Now into you website or service offering click to call the DialogTech team here.